Livestock Production Tools And Equipment

Livestock tools and equipment are tools which help you in the farm to handle, take care of animals and also to make sure they are clean as necessary.

These tools help you in activities as castration, de-breaking, hoof trimming and also tail cutting for proper and equal distribution of fats in sheep and goats.

Some of these equipments are either used directly or indirectly to the animals, we will be covering both the tools and equipments.

Here are some of the tools and equipment a farmer should poses in the farm especially when he has ventured in animal keeping;

  • Milk churn

A milk churn is a medium large metal container with a lead that is used to transport milk from the farmer maybe to the nearest milk processing factory. This is a safer container for transporting milk because it reduces milk spillage because of the lid.

  • Strip cup

Is mainly used to detect early presence of mastitis in cows that are milked.

Mastitis can be detected in a cow when you see blood and pus traces in milk.

Even when the milk is so watery seek a vetinary service to ascertain which problem the cow has.

  • Wool shear

A wool shear is used to shave or trim wool from sheep.

  • Bull ring

This is a special ring inserted in the nose of a bull to make it easier to control the bull. Large bulls have lots of energy hence the farmer should not tie the animal in the neck but use a ring in the nose.

  • Burdizzo

A burdizzo is used in castrating young bulls without physically cutting the testicles. A burdizzo is used with a ring to break the spermatic codes in these animals; young bulls, young ram and others.

  • Trocar and canular

These two tools are used to get rid of excessive gas in the stomach of an animal that can hinder it in doing its daily routine. The trocar is pierced in the left side of the rumen to release the gas.

  • Dehorning wire

This is a strong tight wire where it can be held with two or one person and used to cut the grown horns of a cow or a bull.

  • Tooth clipper

This tool is used to clip sharp canine teeth of young piglets to avoid future injuries from bites.

  • Milking bucket

A milking bucket is used to carry milk in the milking place to the milking churn.

A milking bucket can also be used by the farmer to directly milk into the milking bucket.

  • Milking stool

A milking stool is used by the farmer to to sit on while milking. It will be difficult fro the farmer to milk lots of cows while standing.

  • Milk strainer

Milk strainer is used to sieve sand particles in milk.

Actually any dirt, dung, soil of fur that may have passed into the milking while in the milking process.

  • Chaff cutter

A chaff cutter is used to cut long fodder feeds to smaller ones. This can be Napier grass, sorghum and maize plants.

  • Weighing balance

A weighing balance is used to measure the weight of milk per animal, the weight of products e.g. maize or beans.

It can also be used by the farmer to measure the weight of the new ones of the animals in the farm.

  • Stirrup pump

Just like a knap sack sprayer, this pump is used to spray liquid chemicals like acaricides to control pests in animals.

In can also be used as a garden tool to spray herbicides in the farm.

  • Bolus gun

This tool is used to give animals in the farm solid drugs through their mouth.

  • Ear notcher

An ear notcher is used to cut the ears of animals in the farm into desired patterns for faster recognition.

Donkeys, horses and cows are the ideal animals to do ear notching because you can easily be mixed up when they get mixed with similar animals in places of drinking water or feeding places.

  • Rope

A rope is to tie an animal in one place so as to avoid the animal from destroying th meighbors properties and plants.

It can also be used to tie the legs of a cow when milking.

A rope can be used to tie animal feeds on wheelbarrows and bicycle.

  • A Broom

A broom is used to cleanse animas places where these animals stay, from the cow dung, where chicken sleep and its chicken dung.

A broom can also be used to clean places where take their feeds from.

  • Hoof trimmer

A hoof trimmer s used to trim over grown hooves of the animals.

Over grown hooves can lead infections like foot rot, early hoof trimming can prevent this from happening.

  • Halter

Is used for tying and animal in the neck.

  • Thermometer

A thermometer is used to measure an abnormal or normal temperature of an animal so as to know whether the animal is healthy or not.

  • A syringe and a hypodermic needle

They are used in administering drugs into the boy of an animal.

  • Elastrator

It is used to expand the rubber ring in a closed castration to avoid blood spillage.

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