Farm tools and equipment

Garden tools and equipment are products in the farm that help us in making farm work easier. Most of these tools we use the daily but most of the people don’t use them in a proper way or other even don’t know they exist.

In today’s article, I will be taking you through farm tools that farmers should use to make their work easier. Proper usage of these tools will result in good work and should be repaired whenever they are broken to avoid injuries in the farm. A good example of a tool that should be immediately be repaired in case it is broken is a hoe (jembe), when the handle breaks and you still using it without repair it can break and hit someone near you or hit you in the head and can lead you being hospitalized.

Here are the garden tools and equipment each serious farmer should have in his or her farm, they are helpful:


A wheelbarrow in the farm is used to transport other farm tools like machetes, rakes, slashes and jembes. It can also be used to ferry items like fertilizers, large amount of animal feeds, firewood and Napier grass from the farm and even drinking water for animals.

In the absence of a tractor, the wheelbarrow can be used to carry harvests from the farm and in the case of building any structure in the farm, a wheelbarrow can be used to carry cement, sand and ballast.

Forked hoe

This type of a hoe is used to dig hard surfaces in the farm especially where there are mar rum stones and a common jembe (hoe) cannot be used.

Another use of the forked hoe is weeding plants like coffee and to remove accumulated weeds in the farm.

Horse pipe

A horse is mainly used to ease the farmer from carrying water from one place to the other. A horse pipe can be used to convey the water more efficiently from the source to where the farmer is intending to use it.


While making large ditches or holes in the farm for planting plants like bananas, we should use spades to scoop soil and throw it outside of the ditch.

A spade is also used to make furrows in the farm to create an efficient water passage during heavy rains an in the case mixing cement, ballast and sand in the farm, farmers use this spade to help them mix the mixture.

Loading and offloading work from lorries and wheelbarrows is done using the spade.

Knapsack sprayer

A knap sack sprayer is used to spray chemicals to the farm, these chemicals may be pesticides to control pests affecting crops, herbicides to control weeds and acaricides to control pests that affect animals in the farm especially ticks an flies like tsetse flies.


A mattock is used to dig hard surfaces especially places with a lot of trees which have a lot of roots. It’s also an ideal tool to digging surfaces where are stones.

An axe

This tool is mainly used to split firewood for kitchen usage. But it can also be used to cut down trees when there is no a power saw.

Garden shovel

It is used to scoop maybe cow dung which has mixed with water or urine from the animals. Is used to scoop liquid material in the farm.


A is used to tighten loose barbed wires in the farm. It can also be used to hitting nails though it is not advisable but can also be used to cut wires in the farm.


A machete is used to prune trees with larger branches.

Used to cut Napier grass in the farm and other animal feeds grown in the farm.

It is also used to harvest farm products like sugarcane.

Watering can

Watering can is used mainly to water flowers and other small plants in the farm like kales and seedling in the nursery bed.

Spring balance

A spring balance is used to measure farm products with lesser weight; this can be milk produced by each cow where the information is recorded.

It can also be used to weight animal feeds to get a well-balanced feed for your animals.


This tool is used to level a nursery bed before planting your seeds.

It is also used to collect fallen leaves from branches.

Tape measure

A tape measure is used to measure long distances in the farm, whether you building a calf pen, a dog’s kennel or a chicken shade, you will need this tape for measurement.


A sprinkler does the same work like a water can, but the sprinkler sprinkles more water far to crops and it is easy to use once they are installed.

Pruning knife

This type of tool is mainly used to prune the small branches of a tea plant which help the farmer not to interfere with the plant’s stem, fruits or leaves.

Pruning hook

A pruning hook is used to cut the unwanted old yellow leaves from the plant or crop.

Meter rule

It is used to measure small distances in your farm and helping you join structures in the farm more easily.


Secateurs are tools used to prune branches with small diameters. It is a one hand held tool.

Garden fork

It is used for digging and collecting composite manure in the farm.

Garden trowel

Is mainly used to lift seedlings while preparing them for transplanting. It helps you get the seedling with a lump of soil around their roots


Mowers are used to cut and level grass on large fields.


Is used to cut grass on small fields. Slashes can also be used to slash weeds in the farm for preparation of planting.


Loppers are used in shaping and cutting of tall and short fences.

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