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( EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS) Wololo pastor caught ‘EATING’ fellow church member’s wife

The way things are taking action this days is so much astonishing,, from government officials being killed, politicians dishing out silly money to corrupt and buy votes, bishops milking their female ‘sheep’ actually everything makes sure leaves a never-fading memory.

Yesterday was the day a well-known pastor will never ever forget as he was caught live on a hidden camera nyanduaring a fellow member’s wife. It all seemed usual as this well known man on a white linen decided to quench his ‘ thirsty throat’ in a nearby bush as he always does.

The woman ( name with held ) a member of his church fell into the pastor’s trap and decided to have a vacation on the evening hours of yesterday all in the name of ‘ kesha kwa pastor’.

According to an eye-witness mama Nyambu had to say , “ pastor amezoea sana, hua anakula kuku na vifaranga wake, habagui, na leo tutamuonesha” ( pastor is prone to such behaviors, he has no sense of age difference and today we will show him).

Mama Nyambu who coincidentally had gone for a nature’s call in the same bush before hearing some commotions and decided to cancel the nature’s call amid completion just to peep and see what was happening behind the deeper part of the bush, what baffled her most were the mourning noises like someone was in paradise at the moment.

“Uuuiiiiih baba Nyoi unafanya nini sai hapa?” Mama Nyambu the village siren rang? Baba Nyoi’s trouser was down his knees while his catch was in her ‘birthday suit’.

The village siren bolted to the man of God’s house to report the matter to his wife, and that’s where the drama begun … the wife could not hide her tears as she started a scuffle that led to a serious fight.

As all this goes on, self made photographers as Muturi were taking snap shots and murmuring on the ill behavior of this man..

See the photos below:

He was taken to Kingope AP post to record a statement as the public was baying for his blood because he had impregnated a school girl and was distancing himself from the matter.


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