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Easy Ways To Advertising Online


In my previous post I wrote a post on how to promote your site so that it can be known worldwide. To earn more money on the internet your blog must be known by more people. You need to generate more traffic for your site, getting a lot of traffic is not only promoting your site, you need to write quality contents to keep your visitors coming back for more.

Having known is also an added advantage because big companies, organizations and individuals can make mouth watering advertising deals with you and that means much revenue.

There are organizations that can pay up to $1000 per month that is kes 100,000. Woow this is awesome but blogging first needs investing. Invest and be patient your site will payback.

These are the best advertising channels you can try to promote your site;

1. AdSense

AdSense is a product of Google, this is the best advertising company on the internet so far, AdSense protects the interest of it’s advertisers by giving them real traffic, when you advertise using AdSense, Google prevents it’s publishers creating invalid clicks, clicking on their own ads and falsly using softwares to click on ads.

This is a good security measure because you will not only be using your campain money well but also receive real traffic.

AdSense allows you to create an affordable campaign approximately from 0.1 to 10 dollars per day, you can create a campaign suitable for you.

AdSense has approximately more than a billion publishers hence expect positive results, you can be a publisher with AdSense and at the same time an advertiser, meaning there is a posibility to earn from your own campaigns.

2. Facebook

Since this is the largest social media in the world with over 10 billion users, this might be another good platform to sponsor your content or site.

Facebook allows you to create campaigns from as low as $1 or kes 110 per day, for every money you pay the system automatically shows you how many people will reached. The only problem with Facebook ads is that you can only be an advertiser.

Facebook works by placing your ads on it’s users’ news feed. Therefore any  user scrolling down searching for updates from their friends and family, they have to see the ads plus the updates.

They also give you a comprehensive report on your active and finished campaigns, they show you how many clicks your post got if it was a link and how many people were reached for both links, images and plain text.

Facebook gives you the choice to choose your audience type, you can choose audience from your country, outside your country or choose audience from your own or closest town.

3.YouTube ads

I understand you may wonder how on earth does YouTube ads work? Well YouTube video ads works by YouTube putting an ad in form of a short video before a video a visitor wants to view on the site.

You can create a proffessional GIF or a short video after that it will be shown on videos in YouTube.

4. Higher Websites

Higher websites are sites that receive more traffic than your blog, this might be a very expensive decision because this sites may charge you alot of money since they are individual sites, it you are determined in doing this don’t consider cost because apart from the cost you will get more traffic from visitors of these site.

For example shoutmeloud receives monthly page views of 1.6 million, this means they receive alot of traffic hence offering expensive ads format, view some of their ad pricing and ad format as stated in their website;

  • Base package – $1200
  • 468 x 60 header banner – $2800 per month.
  • 468 x 60 after post – $3500 per month
  • 300 x 250 sidebar ( below the fold ) – $3000

Other Kenyan examples include;

1. Tuko.co.ke

Tuko has received 46.3 million view,  has social media fans 1.5M+ and more than 3.8 users.

They offer different forms of advertisements and include;

  • Teasers
  • PR articles
  • Special placements
  • Fullscreen advertisements
  • Banners

For each ad’s pricing kindly call their representative on + 254-715-738-060 or email at marketing@tuko.co.ke

2. Mpasho

Mpasho Kenya receives alot of traffic hence it’s a good website to advertise your site.

They offer the following;

  • Sponsored content
  • Mobile advertisements
  • 160 x 600 skyscrapers
  • 300 x 250 medium rectangles
  • 728 x 90 large leaderboard

4.Standard media
5. SDE
6. edaily
7. Ghafla
8. Daily Nation

These are the best sites I know so far you can advertise with them and get traffic to your site. Try each site to get their pricing and the traffic it will drive to your site.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing involves sending emails to your visitors or users, you can get their email addresses by asking them to subscribe to your news letters.

Each time you will be posting a post, a mail will be sent directly to their mail box to notify them you posted a new post, what if you have 1M subscribers?? You can use Mail Chimp to get more subscribers because they sometimes offer pop up subscribe box , this attracts more attention to readers hence easily subscribe.

6. Twitter

This works almost like Facebook, after you sponsor your content, Twitter puts the sponsored marked ad to it’s users’ news feed.

7. Pre-video ads

This almost works like YouTube but it is a bit different, there are vloggers who have almost 100M YouTube subscribers, over 600M+ all social media fans, so they can ad your short video before their own video so as before their visitors see their star’s video, they see your ad first.

This can also be done by the same individual vlogger, putting your video before, in between or after their videos on YouTube, they might earn from  YouTube and from you as well but you will get traffic.


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