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Don’t Have Airtime? Here’s A New Trick To Send SMS From Safaricom To Telkom For FREE


Since the partnering of East Africa’s biggest telecommunication company Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel in sending and receiving money by users, there are some other things and privileges they avail to their customers but never advertise and only let you discover them on your own way.

Each of the named above companies is trying to entice their customers so they cannot abandoned one company to the other. From more data bundles like tunukiwa bundles from Safaricom, 2GB daily bundles from Telkom and free tubonge minutes from Airtel and all that is to make sure you as their customer remain and never let you go.

Today I will be sharing with you how to send free text messages from Safaricom to Telkom all for free even if you don’t have any cent as credit in your phone. Also remember to stay tuned as I will be writing here on my blog the comparisons between the four telecommunication companies (Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel and Jamii Telecom) to help you determine which company has the fastest internet speed, offers low budget internet bundles, availability of their customer representatives (generally their services) and most importantly their home data plans.

The above will be in my new article few days to come. Lets go straight to our point on how to send free messages between the two sim cards from the two different telecommunication companies before Safaricom discovers this and rectify this mistake in their system.

The first simple process of sending the message from Safaricom to Telkom requires you to buy Safaricom’s free sms of above one day, so don’t but the free daily bundle. This means you either have to buy the one week free texts bundle or the monthly bundle depending with your pocket. This is a practical discovery I just discovered and I personally been enjoying the service.

After subscribing to either of the bundles, send a directly message from your Safaricom line to a Telkom line. If the message does not go through, try re-sending the message till it goes through. When your message goes through to the Telkom recipient, teach another one person to utilize this opportunity while Safaricom is still asleep.


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