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Don’t Fall To Scams: Five Tips To Score With Online Dating


Have you ever been conned by this online fake Facebook scams claiming to give you a mate? Or met a person and thought will do best for you, then gullibly pour your whole heart out to that person?

Only someone to harvest what he or she wanted and run away for the rest of his breath?

Don’t be cheated , here are some few tips for you to deal with that old mzee you met online the other day, don’t be worried, we got your back, tips for you:

  1. Interact both online and  online.

While online dating is a good avenue for people to initiate contact, you can’t solely base your relationship on online contact.

Face-to-face interaction in a safe place must be an option as the relationship progresses. Remember you both have your preconceived notions of what you expect from the online interaction, based on your past experiences, so you need to meet and reconcile your expectations with reality.

  1. Don’t settle down.

Even before you created that online profile, you had your cherished principles that must stick to. Don’t settle for less. Stick to your long-held values all the time. When things seem off, always follow your gut instincts, as it will navigate the minefield that is online dating. Throughout the process, pay attention to your feelings and senses to avoid being hurt.

  1. Be patient.

Relationships whether initiated online or offline, are complex and require hard work to succeed. Technology is not changing love, just the way we interact. Nurturing love takes time. Take your time, be patient and put in the effort to win the other person, even when the initial spark starts to fade and your chats starts to seem boring. You will be glad you did not rush things.

  1. Be yourself.

While most online profiles are designed to, present someone in a positive light, it’s important to be yourself, be secure who you are physically, emotionally and socially. Don’t portray yourself as more glamorous than you are. Honesty remains the best policy. Let the person know your strength and weaknesses. Online flirting maybe fun, but solid relationships are built on the mutual exchange of information with a partner. Do it progressively so that you don’t disclose too soon. Playing hard to get may work against you.

  1. Do your background research.

Unlike a few years ago when it was to know a potential partner’s background because many couplings were either formed in work places and colleges or through friends and families, nowadays one must do their homework properly before coupling up. Make extra effort to research the partner’s background even on the internet.


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