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Diamond’s Mum Kicks The Hell Out Of Hamisa Mobeto, Says Video Vixen Not Fit For Her Son


Diamond Platinumz’s mother Sandrah revealed how she mercilessly beat up Hamisa Mobetto after learning she had slept with her son, in their Madale home.

Sandra also revealed why she could not stand Hamisa, who happens to be he son’s baby mama and current lover.


Speaking in an interview with Global Publishers, Sandrah said she had to beat up the video queen because she did not only disrespect her, but also went behind her back and leaked sensitive family information they had decided to keep under wraps.

The beef between Mama Diamond and Hamisa came to play after the singer’s mother caught her pants down at Diamond’s Madale home, hours after a night of passion with him. Sandrah got furious with her and couldnt help but teach her a valuable lesson before she could leave.

Diamond’s mum said she waited for Hamisa at the gate and unleashed a heavy beating on her, tearing her weave apart like no one’s business.


”She came to my place like a thief and slept over. She was supposed to leave before I could see her. But it seems she wanted me to see her, so when morning came, I left but came back and found her,” Sandrah said.

” I beat her up and removed her wig. She can play with Diamond very far from me, but she cannot set foot at Madale, because that’s my home and she is not welcomed at all.” she added.

That’s not all, Hamisa is said to have not learnt her lesson even after the beating. According to Diamond’s mum, the singer’s baby mama had been warned against sharing news of her pregnancy after she conceived for the singer, who was still in a solid relationship with Zari Hassan.

This was aimed at keeping Zari in the dark since it was clear she would bolt upon getting wind of the story.


Hamisa is however said to have made the pregnancy public and even invited journalists to follow Diamond’s mum around when she had gone to visit her at the hospital.

It is after her revelation that Zari learnt of Diamond’s philandering way, before ditching him in an unexpected turn of events.This infuriated Sandrah who swore never to reconcile with her son’s lover and baby mama.

In conclusion, Diamond’s mum said she would not recognise Hamisa as Diamond’s lover and that she would never attend their wedding should they go ahead with their romance.

According to her, Hamisa is not a wife material and does not know how to take care of a man, leave alone building a home.




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