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Diamond Platnumz Gets A New Catch Disses Hamisa Mobeto And Zari Hassan


Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platnumz is a no nonsense man. After breaking up with late Ivan Ssemwanga’s wife due to his adulterous nature he is now into another relation with a video vixen. The singer is seen in several videos kissing and playing like kids on the bed they used while in marriage with Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan penned a long emotional divorce post on Instagram on 14th February after she bumped into videos of Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobeto playing like small kids and popping balloons again as if the world belonged only to them.

Since after, the singer has been mum on the issue till yesterday when he decided to publicly unveil the face of his new flame. Unveiling her face was not an issue because Zari I guess won’t feel that much pain as it’s a norm to her. But the problem is when they (Diamond Platnumz and his lover) decided dissing Hamisa mobeto including socialite Zari in the mess.

The African Beauty hit maker captioned the image with a text saying ‘ukiachwa achika’ translated to (if you are dumbed accept you are dumbed), this is a direct hammer hit to his ex-wife Zari who dumbed him on February. And Diamond I think he is trying to tell Zari that he has moved on and  has no pain.

On the other hand the lass who was playing and getting cozy with the singer in his bed decided disrespect Hamisa Mobeto by saying, “nipe child support.” She is using the exact words Hamisa used when she was secretly impregnated by the singer and gave birth to a baby boy and she wanted child support from the singer.

Well am hoping Zari won’t get pissed to an extent of dumping his children on his door steps and going back to South Africa.

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