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Data Entry Technician, Research Triangle Institute – International


RTI International is one of the world’s leading research institutes. We work with governments, businesses, foundations, universities, and other clients and partners to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. Our staff of more than 5,000 tackles hundreds of projects to address complex social and scientific challenges facing our clients and the people and communities they serve. Our experts hold degrees in more than 250 scientific, technical, and professional disciplines across the social and laboratory sciences, and international development fields. RTI works in more than 75 countries and maintains offices on four continents. Our headquarters is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Our dedication to innovative, objective research and technical services makes RTI an outstanding partner for clients around the world whose greatest challenges demand rigorous approaches and science-based solutions.

RTI is seeking Data Entry Technicians for various countries located in Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Mali, Burkina Faso, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The Data Entry Technician will support AMR related data collection and entry into project database at designated institutions. This position is contingent on funding.

Essential Duties

  • Perform data entry of facility level data into data collection database completely and accurately
  • Conduct data quality checks and validations
  • Regularly upload data from database
  • Identify and promptly report any technical challenges including problems with database to Country Lead
  • Ensure that all requirements as stated in the data transfer agreements are adhered to in the entry and uploading of data
  • Work collaboratively with institution staff to ensure comprehensive data entry

Primary Location


Other Locations

GH-GH-Accra, ZM-ZM-Lusaka, MW-MW-Lilongwe, NG-NG-Abuja, ZW-ZW-Harare, UG-UG-Kampala, TZ-TZ-Dar Es Salaam, BF-BF-Burkina Faso, ML-ML-Mali

Work Locations

Kenya, Nairobi


Information Technology


SSES Biostatistics & Epidemiology



Job Type


Job Level

Day Job



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