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Data Associate At PayGo Energy


Job description

Due to the increase in the data collected, the organization is in the process of moving from google sheets and appsheet to an SQL database and more stable BI platform (e.g Tableau, Microsoft BI, Qlik). They need a Data Associate to migrate all existing dashboards to a new BI platform within the first three months. The successful individual will also develop new dashboards and data visuals based on the needs of the organization. This role is suitable for an individual who loves engaging with people and data. It provides an opportunity to build a career in Data Science. After the first three months of transition to a new BI platform, PayGo will look to incorporate more advanced statistical techniques to understand customer performance and predict demand for fuel.

Key Responsibilities

  • Migrate all existing google sheets and appsheet dashboards to Tableau within your first 3 months
  • Data manager – Ability to use query languages to generate data table for analysis(e.g  Use SQL to create data tables in Big Querry).
  • Data analysis – Ability to conduct a descriptive analysis of data sets using google sheets/data studio/other BI tools.
  • Data products – Build and present new dashboards and data visuals on BI Platform that will be used by PayGo Energy customers and employees.
  • Data reporting – Ability to synthesize findings into a report for managers, senior leadership, and external partners.
  • Understand and fulfill data related requests made by different departments in the organization such as marketing and customer care.

Does this sound like you?

  • 2 – 8 years experience in similar role.
  • Degree in Data Science, Statistics or relevant diploma and experience.
  • Have an understanding of data structures.
  • Ability to build data visuals on BI platforms  (e.g Tableau, Microsoft BI, Qilk) and/or data tables in Big Querry using SQL.
  • Knowledge of JSON file structure and how to query JSON files
  • Knowledge of non-relational database structure
  • Able to deal with ambiguous problem and split it into discrete parts that can be solved.
  • Can lead a data product from design to implementation (i.e understand business need, define requirements, create MVP, test, build, implement).
  • A business analyst who understands customer data requirements.
  • Enjoy interacting with colleagues at a personal and professional level.



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