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“Child Support Ain’t Enough For My Lifestyle. Am self MADE,” Zari Hassan Fires A Missile To Diamond Platnumz


Uganda’s socialite Zari Hassan for the second time has shamed Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz for being a dead beat dad who doesn’t care about his children and neither providing support since their break up in April on a good Valentines day.

The mother of five with three boys from her late ex husband Ivan and the last two from current and singer Diamond has come out boldly telling the singer that his child support money is not enough to fund her extravagant and expensive lifestyle since she is a self made bosslady and a millionaire.

Zari flaunted her most expensive diamond casted jewellery watches and other valuables claiming that they are expensive than the little money Naseeb Juma (Diamond Platnumz) is giving her for the upkeep of her children. Is the singer stingy or the socialite cum businesswoman not contented?

This is what exactly Zari said;

“U see me wearing diamonds and you want that, nah bih! Think twice!!!! Child support ain’t enough for my lifestyle. Am self made.

She tried distancing herself from the mess by saying;

Kama aikuhusu tulia, otherwise ropoka kama ARVs kufichwa mchana, kumezwa usiku, ntakupa Jibu.

The big reason she in the second video wrote in swahili is that the message could reach wellwe to Tanzanians who have difficulties with english.

Days after she posted this on her instagram account, her ex husband Diamond Platnumz escaped death by a whisker after the car they were travelling in got hit on the side. The singer is now in the USA on a tour and at the time he was hit he was in Oakland.


These are some of the photos of the expensive watches Zari flaunted so far:



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