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Check Out Photos Of Hamisa Mobeto’s Beautiful Daughter


The house of top bongo artist Diamond Platnumz is divided at least for now, people are wondering is the singer going to marry back his ex-wife Zari Hassan after she appeared in a video (Iyane) that has been released soon or Hamisa Mobeto his baby mama.

For those who don’t know who Hamisa is, she is a video vixen who featured in the song Salome which was done by Diamond Platnumz featuring Rayvanny. After the song, Diamond and Hamisa Mobeto started dating under the waters making Diamond a cheater and an adulterous man according to the ten commandments.

Well, were it not Diamond’s experienced skills on ‘shooting’ penalties and scoring, we would have never known the two were dating. The affair between the two led to the separation of Diamond and his wife Zari.

That aside, apart from having a child wirh Naseeb Abdul (Diamond Platnumz), Hamisa Mobeto had had another affair and the affair got her a beautiful girl in return. The baby girl is always off the limelight but today I got her pictures for you.

A lot of people have trolled the video vixen and named her a gold digger since she clings on prominent people, get pregnant for them then asks for child support. To me I don’t agree to these allegations because when a woman loves, she loves for real.

Photos of Hamisa Mobeto’s daughter together:



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