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Bukatube Police Station, World’s Most Poorest Police Post


If you have never seen or visited the world’s most poorest police station then I guess you’ve never seen Bukatube police post.

Situated in Maguye district in the Easten part of Uganda, Bukatube post is a single grass thatched mud house. The house has no doors or windows and that raises the question on how they detain suspects. The small house is supported with termite eaten weak wooden sticks from falling.

The only thing that differentiates the police post from a personal house is a small joined together with two sticks sign post placed at the ‘front .door’ of the police station.

Uganda’s opposition leader Kizza Besigye once visited the police station on unannounced visit and what he saw was astonishing. How can a government institution operate in such conditions? What happens when it is raining?

The most interesting part of all, on seeing Kizza Besigye the OC (officer in charge) fled into the nearby bush to avoid shame leaving a criminal suspect behind.

Suspect left behind

See the photos of Uganda’s Bukatube police station below:



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