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Trick To Advertise On Facebook To Get Quality Traffic With A Kes 107 Budget

Facebook has become the biggest game changer in helping business and website owners boost their online presence.

Though there are more other tools that can help you boost your online presence, Facebook still remains the best option to give you the best quality traffic, especially when you are using Google AdSense. The goo thing with Facebook ads, you get to pay using your local currency an does not get you the headache of currency exchange where you can pay more according to current change rates.

I personally been using Facebook ads for some time and I still give it a thumbs up.

There are more other alternative options for Facebook ads an include;

  • Google Ads

This is the most secure way to get your ad get quality audience, because Google only places on websites that adhere to the publisher guidelines. Meaning your ad will get valid clicks and visits.

Google also detects invalid clicks an penalize the publisher in case he is using invalid tricks to get clicks on your ad.

I have used Google ads once and I cannot complain. The good thing with this company also is that your ad is served based on key words. That means if you have a recipe website, your ad will be served to someone who once time searched on Google something to do with recipes.

  • Twitter Ads

Though it is not as popular as Facebook or Google. Twitter also offers best ad serving services that will really empower you as an online content creator or as a business.

A lot of people are really migrating to Twitter and this is a perfect nest to get a pure traffic for your ad.

  • YouTube ads

This kind of advertising involves short videos or animations. You can promote your products in form of short videos which appears on monetized YouTube channels.

Without further ado, let me go straight to our topic where you will learn how to advertise on Facebook with a budget as low as Kes 107. This sounds impossible but yes it is real. And for the Kes 107 you are spending you can get an audience of 600 to 1500 people.

To set up a Facebook ads account, you will need to have an account on Facebook. After you have registered for an account or logged in to your account, then you can go to ads manager from the Facebook menu.

From that point you can click the Create Ad button. At this point you will be asked to set your ad, you will also be provided with the following options to choose on exactly what you want to do;

  • Get More Website Visitors

With this option set, it is a good option when you want to drive traffic to your website. If you an online writer and would like to get clicks or an online shop then the option to get clicks is the best.

The visitors will probably convert to potential buyers.

This is also another great marketing feature to show case your different products to different clients.

Most bloggers and creative online content makers will go for this option so that they can receive lots of genuine traffic. The more you continue promoting your content on Facebook on a regular basis, the more visitors will be more familiar with your site and they will keep coming back and that’s a great tool to create a solid traffic base.

Some visitors will visit your website again and again without you even seeing a promotion from Facebook. Apart from just promoting your business, this also boosts the trust and confidence in your readers.

  • Promote Your Page

This option helps you build a solid fan base. To promote a page, you must have a page and if you don’t have one, go to the Facebook menu and click create page.

By promoting your page people, it becomes visible to people where they have an option of liking your page. By visitors liking your page, you are building a fan base that will boost your online presence.

Having a reliable fan base, can make you some few cents while you are in bed relaxing.

  • Boost Your Post

Here you choose to boost a single post. This can either be a photo, link, event, an agenda or a product. It sends clear pic of view of the scope of your product and as I said earlier, visitors who click your link can be your next potential customers.

After you have chosen which kind of ad you will want to boost, you will need to top up some money to your wallet through billing. Facebook accepts almost every ATM cards worldwide, from Gift cards, American Xpress, Mastercard and Visa cards.

I will recommend you top up a little bit more money than the cost of the ad you are about to boost. This will help you increase your budget on an ad or decide to boost multiple ads at the same time.

Then go to the Boost post page, from this page you will see the budget you should spend and the days your ad will run.

Click on the budget that is default set by Facebook and enter Kes 107 as your budget. The Kes 107 amount is the minimum you can use to boost any ad. A while back, the minimum amount you could use was Kes 101.

Reduce the number of days your ad will run to 1 day. So that you will be charged Kes 107 for 1 day. With this budget in mid, your ad will receive an estimated number of people between 600 to 1700. But in some instances, this number can rise to be more than that estimated by Facebook.

The most fascinating thing is that, you can decide to run your ad at the same budget on Instagram. This is done by turning on the Run this ad on Instagram feature.

Click boost post now to submit your ad for review. Facebook will get back to you after rejecting or approving your ad. This is done through your email or on Facebook notifications. You can view all your active ads on Ads Manager.

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