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Must Install WordPress Plugins For Beginners

WordPress plugins are the most efficient and most crucial elements while setting up your website. Plugins will make your work easier while working on different parts of your site with WordPress. If you are a beginner and don’t have any experience in coding using Javascript, CSS oR HTML then plugins are for you.

These plugins will help you from displaying ads, protecting your website from brutal attacks and logins, inserting scripts to your parent theme, some plugins will help to accept payments directly to Paypal from donors or any other money wallet in the world. Some will make your work easier by creating forms for you, protecting your site from spam comments, others will give you short codes and much much more.

But for programmers and advanced editors they don’t need plugins, they tweak their websites to any kind of performance they want to make it. 

Again so much installation of plugins to your website is not advised because they will lower the loading speed of your website in the long run. It is important that you install few but helpful plugins to power your website.

These are some of the plugins you should never lack in your installed plugins

1.  Jetpack

Jetpack is the most installed plugin on WordPress, it is designed by Automattic a subsidiary company of WordPress.  How to install Jetpack plugin, go to plugins, add new, in the search bar tool type jetpack. Click install and eventually activate it. You will be required to connect your account and choose a package that is suitable for you, but as a beginner there is a “start free” option for you.

With this free package, you will have a lot to explore

Advantages of Jetpack in your plugins collection;

  • Share buttons – Jetpack comes with its already built in option to activate your social media share buttons. Though you cannot  customize them further, you can choose which buttons you will allow to appear on your website.
  • Forms – this plugin comes with options of creating forms, which are so important in a website without carrying short codes here and there. All you need is go to the page you want to put forms, in the editing dashboard choose forms by jetpack. You will be provided by a simple contact us page but you can edit them to fit your desired use.
  • Stats – once you have activate this plugin, it will provide you with your sites statistics on your dashboard for that day or since you installed the plugin.
  • Embed videos – with Jetpack you can easily embed your Youtube, Vimeo videos into your posts. It is this simple, you can copy and paste your video link into the post and the rest is done for you.
  • Related – in the setting, you can switch on related features, so that when a reader is done reading on a single page, the visitor will be provided with more related articles he can choose from to continue reading. Actually this increases the readers time on your site.
  • Widgets – Jetpack comes with lots and lots of widgets, the most important I cannot afford to leave out is the Facebook page widget where you can add your Facebook page to your site, visitors can like the page without going to Facebook. Other helpful widget include Featured articles, Most read, Facebook like, Recent articles and Your most Popular post categories.

2.  Site Kit

Site Kit is a Google developed plugin with lots of importance to any publisher. It is simple to install and activate Site Kit, then verify your website and this plugin does magically does the rest. 

Advantages of using Site Kit

  • Google Analytics – with this plugin, you only need to click one button and you are signed into your Google analytics account. From there you will not need to manually add any code snippet to your website. The plugin will do the remaining work.
  • Google AdSense – Site kit will connect you to your Google AdSense account, and the most importantly it will automatically add the AdSense code to the headed of your website, what you need to do is wait for a review team to review your website and you will get a response within 24 hours.
  • Insights – you get insights from your WordPress dashboard, organic searches, total views and much more.
  • Tag Manager – with Site Kit you can change your Google Analytics code to anything you want without altering the first code of your Analytics code.

3.  Classic Editor

This is an old editor which was used with older version of WordPress. But as the WordPress software continued to upgrade, the editing dashboard also changed. But you are still lucky, you can install the older editor back if you prefer and understand it more.

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an engine optimization plugin that helps you curate content the right way so that your content can be optimized and rank higher in Google search and ranking. This plugin gives you the guide on number of words you should write, how you should write meta descriptions and much more. If you want your site to rank higher don’t forget to install this plugin.

Advantages of installing Yoast SEO

  • It will help you create sitemaps so that crawlers can understand the type of a website you are running.
  • During set up, you will add your website to search engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • You will create optimized contents from your editing dashboard.

5.  Akismet

This plugin will help you by catching spam comments and placing them under review. So that you can review them later and decide whether to publish or delete them.

6.  Sassy Sharing Buttons

With Sassy sharing buttons, you will have all social media sharing buttons you know in this world. The goodness with this buttons you set them to any preference you like and love. You can include shared count, to include shared count for Facebook you will need to have a Facebook API which you can get it on Create your app, get your Facebook ID and your secret key and you will be good to go.

7.  WPforms

With WP forms, you can create any kind of form you want to embed into a page or a single post. With this plugin, you will be required to create a form then you will be given a short code that you will place in any page you want the form to appear. You can create subscription form, donation forms and so much more.

8. Header and Footer inserter

This plugin will help you inserter will help you insert codes, like Google Adsense and Analytics codes to either the headed or footed of your site. Or any other script you will want to add to your website.

9. Ads inserter

 This a plugin that helps you inject either Adsense ads or any other ads in your website. In single post or pages. You can inject ads in percentage either 20%, 50% means at the middle of the post and 100% means your ad will appear at the bottom of the post.

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