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Most Trusted Online Companies Offering The Best Affiliate Programs

Have you been on the search for better paying online affiliate programs? Then you are in the right place. I have been doing some research on better paying affiliate programs that can easily earn you money without even monetizing your site with CPA or even CPC. Today I compiled the list of the Most Trusted Online Companies Offering The Best Affiliate Programs.

Blogging involves a lot when it comes to earning some people prefer earning money without monetizing their sites and basically use these programs to earn their living. So if your site has not been approved by any advertising network, don’t loose hope we got you covered. 

Actually displaying ad banners from shops as Jumia you really don’t need a custom domain. You can use a subdomain from Google domains (Blogger) and earn money. Blogging is the best way of working from home without getting those boring lectures from your boss or spending the whole day at the office with minimal salaries.

In blogging your hard work determines your salary. Like for example using these affiliate programs, you can lots of commission after every successful purchases your reader makes. Isn’t that simple? If a reader makes a purchase direct from your link you can earn up to 30-70% depending on the companies.

What are the requirements so as to start this marketing for these companies? Well the only thing you need is a site, then sign up to the respective companies. Once your account has been created, sign in and copy the links from your dashboard and paste it on your site where you want them to appear.

Here is a list of the best affiliate programs you should try:


Did you know that Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates is not the first richest person in the world? That’s astonishing doesn’t it? Well Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is now the richest person in the world! Perhaps due to affiliate marketing, is the reason why his shop had wild sales to beat Bill Gates.

Amazon being the top in the list offers up to 10% to its affiliate partners who have successful sales in Amazon coins, Luxury beauty, Amazon fashion women, men and kids private labels. There is an 7% o every successful sale in apparels, Amazon element smart TV, jewelry, watches, handbags and accessories. You are also paid a commission of 8% on sale you make on pantry, furniture, pets products and much more.

They are free to sign up and you don’t need to worry about third parties to approve your site. After you have been accepted into the program, you can now choose from over a million products to advertise on your site. You can decide whether to advertise fashion products, furniture, kids’ stuff and much more provided that they have a high commission. 

Apart from having the banners on your site. Amazon has got also native ads and you can try them out. You can as well try the referral program they offer. A referral refers to the action of you introducing other people to their affiliate program, you also earn from this.  Sign up for …… to start earning today.


Jumia is an ecommerce shop rapidly growing in Africa. They exist in countries as Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria. This online shop offers a lot of mouthwatering deals to its partners. From app installations and successful sales on products.

This ecommerce shop offers a whopping 11% but this percent differs from different categories of products you sold. Everyone qualifies for this program but you really to have a site whether a subdomain or a custom domain. You only update your site time to get more visitors. 

Sign up for …… and join other bloggers who are really making it through this program. Once you are signed up , log in into your dashboard, choose your country. Then add your M-pesa number where your commissions will be sent. You can as well add a bank account so as your money can easily be sent to you.

Choose the products you want to market using your site, you can choose from men’s shoes, Women’s shoe, mobile phones, computers, fashion, tablets and computer accessories. Always choose products with highest commissions. You can as well opt to use a banner add on your site for people to install Jumia’s app. When a visitor makes a successful app installation you get kes 60.

In Jumia you personally customize the size of the banner ad you wish to display, after you are done with your customization you will be given a code, kindly copy and paste it in your site.

In conclusion, Jumia also has started a program called J-Force program where it help individuals to make money by directly directing members of the public make sales, and this can make you earn much more. When you refer a friend you get a bonus of kes 200.


eBay is another online shop having existence in the United Kingdom and the United States. If you are receiving a lot of from these two countries then you are good to go. Your audience can easily click your banners and make purchases. 

eBay offers a 50% to 70% depending on the products you want promote. They for instance offer a 70% commission accessories and parts and fashion. Offer a 50% on electronics. Vehicles eBay offers 50% and much more. The most interesting part is that an affiliate can earn a bonus of 100% when referring a purchase from someone who is new to eBay who hasn’t made a purchase from eBay from the past twelve months.

Sign up for … account and start monetizing your site today.


This is another USA based online shop who has open doors for site owners to earn something from Best Buy. This ecommerce shop offers $10 on Geek Squad Services and a $5 on mobile phones with service plan activations, excluding plans with iPhone hardware. 

This company does not pay commissions on warranties gist cards and they have a 0.0% rate on laptops, tablets, desktops, video game hardware and Apple branded watches. 

With Best Buy you can create your own APIs to put on your website so you can easily get description from products, their pricing, shop location and much more.

Best buy offers different sizes of banners from 125 by 125 to 800 by 82 skyscrapers . if you wish to be an affiliate partner to Best Buy kindly sign up … and start earning.


This is an online B2B marketplace where Alibaba as a business is making sales to other business, in a simpler term Alibaba does not deal with end customers or consumers directly.

This company was founded by Jack Ma a former school teacher who stepped down as a CEO and is now the chairman of the group. 

Alibaba offers a great deal in its affiliate marketing as they are offering whopping $7 per lead. Before I forgot, this company offers a CPA type of advertisement. Meaning when you’re a visitor clicks on the Alibaba’s ad he has to do another extra thing for you to be paid. CPA means Cost Per Acquisition which means that a visitor has to click on the ad then for example subscribe to their newsletter, makes a successful purchase, making a call to the company or doing any other action after clicking your link, you will be paid. 

Sign up for ……… and make good use of these rates.


Have you been looking for ways to earn money online using your hand gadgets; tablet or a smartphone? Then Kilimall is the best choice for you, if you are in Kenya all your commission will be channeled to your m-pesa number. The company offers 2-8% rates on commissions depending on the categories of products you wish to promote.  Kilimall has also partnered with colleges to help students benefit from the program. 

Sign up for …………… today!


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