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MGID REVIEW: Is Mgid Worth It?

Mgid is an advertising media company founded in 2008, New York City. Many readers may have expected the company to be from Silicon Valley, but yes NYC has great minds too.

This company has for time improved in the way they care for both their publishers and advertisers. With low sign up requirements and faster approval. I will recommend any person beginner publisher to try MGID.

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To narrow things down for you , Mgid is a native adverts company. What does native ads mean?

Native ads are adverts that encourage viewership in terms of impressions rather than paid per click. Though the publisher is paid if an ad is clicked, it is recommended you have a huge amount of traffic to make a good income using this form of advertising as a publisher.

In previous years, Mgid was only focused on native ads only. But as years went by, they introduced other interesting features that focused on native video adverts. This allows short videos to appear while the reader is still on your site without interfering with user experience.

There is also push notifications, this is a very nice way of earning while comfortably sitted at home. Here is how push notifications work, once a reader is on your website, a small box appears that asks the visitor whether to Allow or Block notifications. If the visitor allows notifications, notifications will be showing on his or her computer even if they don’t visit your site again. As a publisher you will continue earning.

Another brilliant idea I got to come across from Mgid was the smart widget. Though it requires 10,000 visitors per so that your personal account manager can activate it for you, its a very nice feature you should try.

I personally been using Mgid but for one reason or two I stopped using this for advertising and focused on pay per click ads companies. This is what I earned from Mgid before quitting.

Lets dig deeper into Mgid and answer the question, is Mgid worth it?

Traffic Sources

Unlike some other advertising media companies that require traffic from targeted geographical locations, a good example being, this company requires a publisher to have traffic from Canada, USA or UK as an approval requirement.

Good news to any publisher who want to join Mgid is that Mgid does not have any limits to sources of traffic. It accepts all traffics from all over the world.


Mgid publisher reviews takes only 24 hours and a representative will reach to you via email either to tell you if your site passed all the requirements or if it failed.

Though Mgid have no strict approval requirements, make sure before submitting your review, your site must have at least 3,000 daily visitors.

Don’t also forget to read and understand MGID Publishers Guidelines to help you understand which content is accepted and which one is not.

To give you an overview of prohibited content;

  • Minor molestation
  • Articles on abortion
  • Articles on illegal drugs
  • Discriminatory and defamation articles
  • Sites that stream videos
  • Sites that contain malwares and torrent links among others

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Ad Placement

After approval, you will now be required to place ad widgets on your site. I will recommend you place these widgets on highly visible places to increase visibility, click chances and increase ad impressions.

Here are some of widgets Mgid offers for approved publishers;

  • Under article widget – this is a responsive ad widget that should be placed exactly under Single Post so that after a visitor finishes reading your artcle he goes directly to this ads. Make sure your ads are not too much than your content.
  • Header widget – with the header widget, you can get lots of impressions and ad clicks. What you need to do is place the widget just under the Post Title, so that after a visitor scrolls and reads the heading of your post the ad will be just below their and the visitor will be prompted to click it.
  • Side bar – I won’t recommend this ad widget because it has low ad impressions and clicks. But you can try it yourself, if it didn’t work for me it may work for you.

Can Mgid be used together with AdSense?

Yes! Mgid can be used simultaneously with AdSense on the same website but with some conditions.

Before I give you the conditions, lemmie me give you a secret. If you want to submit your website for AdSense review and still have Mgid ads on the same website, AdSense won’t approve your site.

The trick is, get all Mgid ad codes from your website before submitting it for AdSense review.

These are some conditions that you should follow to make sure Mgid works well with AdSense and AdSense will not ban your account

  • While creating your widgets, remember to turn off all adult contents by switching off NC17 and NSFW buttons as shown below. Adult content like ladies in bikini and men without shirts are contents prohibited in AdSense guidelines.
  • Do not have more Mgid ads than your content.
  • Do not have ads that distracts user experience.


Mgid offers payments on a net 30 basis. This means that you are paid every month if you attain your threshold. The minimum threshold to attain before withdrawal is USD 100.

A net 30 basis means that if you are supposed to be paid by 5th of the month and you have not attained your threshold, your earnings will be rolled over to the next payment cycle.

The earnings are automatically paid to your account. It takes 1 – 3 business days to receive your earnings to your money wallet account. You should also note that it takes some days for your money to reach you from your money account to your local bank or currency.

Form of payments

Mgid pay their publishers through;

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer (both US and non US bank accounts)
  • Paypal – for you to receive your earnings to PayPal you must first attain your minimum threshold of USD 100 and above for a free transaction.
  • US Bank Accounts – with a US bank, below USD 1,000 you will be charged a transaction fee of USD 20. But with a transaction of over USD 1,000 that will be a free transaction.
  • Non US Bank Accounts – below USD 1,000 transactions charges are USD 40 and free above USD 1,000.

Mgid customer care email:

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