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Making Affiliate Marketing An Income Generating Asset

Affiliate marketing is a an emerging trend where a lot of bloggers and writers are running to instead of monetizing their websites with advertising media companies. Actually affiliate marketing is a form of advertising but you have to make a sale, make a successful sale so that you can earn a commission. There are a lot of big companies who will award you a large amount of commission according to the items you prefer to sell with them.

How does affiliate marketing take place?

Affiliate marketing does not require a lot from you, what you need is go to the website of the company offering the affiliate marketing program and register. You will be given a unique url link, use this link by sharing it on your social media pages or a website you own. 

To make your link more appealing and short to your audience you should consider using url shortener like Bitly url shortener or Tiny url shortener services. Some industries may give you banners to display on your websites.

After you got your url link, once one of your readers or followers clicks the link to the company’s website. A cookie is set in their browser for a specific time. Sometimes the cookie can stay in their browser for a time between 30 to 90 days, so that when he or she does not buy in the first day of the url link click but comes between the 30 to 90 days and makes a purchase you still get your commission.

Advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • Gaining experience for marketing to yourself.
  • It is simple to embed this banners in your website.
  • You can share the unique url to any social media platform.
  • You have the advantage of a visitor making multiple purchases from the same banner and still making you commission.
  • While doing affiliate marketing you necessary don’t need a  custom website. You can still make a subdomain and have readers who can still turn to potential buyers. Create your free subdomain using Blogger and WordPress.

Affiliate partners can range from online shops to betting firms and any other companies that are willing to sell their products through affiliate marketing.

In this post we will be trying to explain different categories of companies that you can partner with as an affiliate partner and giving examples also.

Categories of affiliate companies:

  • Online shopping

Online shopping is becoming a trend all over the world where people just shop, order a product while seated at home and the product is delivered to their doorsteps. A lot of writers are taking this advantage because a lot of people are using their phones online and online shops sell products people online can’t resist. 

Some of the best online shops to partner with include;


  • This is the biggest online shop in the USA or probably in the whole world. Amazon increased its online sales probably due to online demands making it’s owner the number one richest person in the world. Amazon sell variety of items from kitchen wares, computers, cosmetics, fashion and more other things. 
  • Amazon’s commission criteria depends and varies from product to product. It depends with which kind of product you decide to sell for the them.


  • Jumia is a drop shipping online shop that operates in some West african countries and has presence in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Being the biggest shopping online shop in Kenya, You can partner with this company because it is local and your earnings are easily paid to you through M-pesa. 
  • Working with Jumia as an affiliate marketed you are guaranteed customer care.
  • They also award commissions from clothing and fashion, phones, food stuffs, computers and home furniture.


  • Is also an online shop with a presence in the United States and United Kingdom. With great affiliate commission you should register and partner with them.
  • Betting firms

Betting firms have also turned to affiliate marketing to advertise their products due to people making online bets. They give the writer a banner or a url and when a person clicks on either and makes a deposit and places a bet, you are arcaded commission. Always remember to read Terms and Conditions of this betting firms before partnering with them. Some have tough TOS.

Some of the best online betting firms to partner with include;


  • This is an international betting firm that offers affiliate marketing opportunities to writers. You are awarded commission after a player places a bet.


  • Based in Kenya and offers betting services. It also has great affiliate marketing opportunities.
  • Website Hosting companies

These are companies offering web hosting hosting services.

Some of the best website hosting companies to partner with include;


  • Bluehost is an international web hosting company that offers affiliate marketing commissions depending on the packages you sell. They give commissions from $20 to $100 foR every referral you make.


  • Hostpinnacle is a web hosting in Kenya. You are given commission half the price the hosting package your referral purchased. For example your referral purchased a hosting package of Kes 5,000, youR commission will be Kes 2,500.
  • Register for Hostpinnacle Affiliate Marketing




  • Travel and tour companies

These are companies offering touring and travel services. Some are international traveling agents and some are local. Some are also international airlines with mouth watering affiliate marketing services.

Some of the best Travel and tour companies to partner with include;

Qatar Airways

  • This is an international airline that has the best affiliate marketing program. Visit their website and when you refer a customer to travel you are awarded a commission.


  • This is a tour and traveling agency that offers great partnership with affiliate marketers.
  • Themes selling companies

And to our last category, theme selling companies are companies who design and WordPress themes are plugins. 

Some of the best Themes selling companies to partner with include;


  • Mythemeshop is a company that designs and sell WordPress themes and plugins. 
  • Mythemeshop offeRs 70% of commission for every product you directly sell from your referral .
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