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How To Write Content To Make Readers Come Back For More

Have you ever wondered why some of your competitors get a lot of traffic more than you? Well there is only a few secrets they do to attract more traffic which you don’t. First ask yourself what do you need to be smarter than the rest? How to write content to make readers come back for more is not as easy as 1,2,3. You literally need to plan first, write quality and useful articles to bring more readers and retain them.

There are so many sites out here with free tutorials to teach you on how to do this. Every step of your site should crafted from scratch with an attribute of intelligence. Headings should be attractive and have a clear meta description of your articles to make you get better SEO and faster result search by new readers.

The most important component in writing is doing research, read books by experienced authors, read blogs which write or are in similar niche you are. Always try to be unique. Plan on the topic to write, when to write it and the best way to writing it.

You don’t need to write each day an article with no essence, just take your time to write few articles but with lots of essence. This can only be done by planning.

Here are a few points to take you on how to write interesting posts:

Short and direct

What does short and direct mean? This does not mean writing a post below 300 words. Well in real sense you cannot explain an interesting topic with just 300 words, a quality article should have at least 700 to 2000 words.

Try to write longer words topics but which are direct to the point. Congesting your article with a lot of mistakes and repeated words is a good reason to keeping your readers away. Have low or minimal errors. Be clear and straight to the point of your story. You can not be talking about how computers are made in your article and start including food recipes. Automatically that won’t make any sense.

Challenge your readers, use vocabularies and make them go to the dictionary to find the meaning of the words. Many people love challenges so you should work on them. And the best way according to many readers is leaving them with a lot of suspense. So the reader asks himself what will happen next?

This can also be a good strategy to bringing a new visitor back. Because he wants to know more on what happened next in the story.


You really don’t need to be a renowned comedian to do this brothers and sisters. Write about something you have never heard of but still its and interesting topic. mpasho and SDE are good examples of sites which have funny stories  you can learn from. SDE has a segment called crazy monday which is so much fun. Try to create your own to make your readers come back and interested.

Always remember to be more creative because there are some writers who can be given the same topic and write an interesting story than you. Think out well and the best you can do to write an awesome story. Nipe chance nikushow vile na feel- Teacher in shock as student writes her love letter littered with honey-coated lyrics, this is a very nice well written story by Read it and see how funny the story was written.

Useful and Informative articles

Useful articles are posts which inform the user things they are not aware. Or a helpful article that give your visitor an easy step by step procedure and instructions on how to do something. How To Add And Install Themes On WordPress is a very informative article to beginner bloggers on simple ways to add a theme to WordPress.

Try to give your readers a reason to come back and get information they aren’t aware about. Give free tutorials through videos, podcasts and texts. Shout me loud is a very informative site writing much about adsence, SEO, Marketing and much more, check the site out.


Keep your readers interacted by asking them small, easy and funny questionnaires and surveys to keep them interacted. Most visitors need engaging with you in your website.

Make posts that readers can be interested to share to their friends and comment to them. Comments help increasing  your site’s ranking.

Use Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO is a plugin that gives you an analysis of your post as you write it. It guides you on the readability of the text to your readers and SEO ranking of your post. Read more about Yoast SEO on this article, Best Plugins To Use For Better Working Of Your Website.

After the plugin has guided you kindly use the proof reading feature on your WordPress writing dashboard to help you reduce grammatical errors and misspellings.

Be ahead of your competitors

Having freelancers to provide you with the latest news is the best way of being a head of your competitors. Every emerging issues are published on your site before any other site publishes that. Take the responsibility of having that first information to give your readers. Be on scenes to provide accurate data.

Being a head of your competitors also means writing unique contents that your competitors cannot write. Be an open minded person and always think out of the box and you will enjoy the power of having a large traffic.

Share a shocking fact

A shocking fact is a fact that has never been revealed and has only been revealed by you. This gives your readers the curiosity to return to your site and learn such facts.

What might these shocking facts include? Well facts might come from science fields, historical events, technology and much more, you must do research to get all these accurate information. Some visitors may go a head to do a research on the same and be sure they get the same results as you found.

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