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How To Work From Home Using A WordPress Website

It is another good time that I would like to share some ideas with my fellow bloggers or writers on how you can make a six figure salary while comfortably seated at home.  You may not be a professional blogger but YES YOU CAN.  Even a newbie can also make a six figure salary.

First this is not a pyramid scheme for making money online quickly; it is an article to teach you how to make money using your website as an asset. 

With blogging there are some few principles you must follow so as to maximize all your revenues from your site per given month. 

The first principle is you must be patient. This principle will always give you psych to continue blogging even if you receive less than 30 visitors and 100 page views per day. I guess you know earning more revenue requires lots of traffic, but I can defer with that. When you have a niche best site you can earn a lot of money with little traffic. A niche can be recipes, agriculture, environment and much more, this is the reason Google AdSense will approve you without looking deeper on your traffic.

Second principle is that you must persevere, invest on your blog. Your site is like any other business you see out here. Sponsor and boost your post on Twitter, Facebook and Adwords. On one occasion I sold my phone just to cater for hosting expenses of my website.

Thirdly, be honest and give your readers exactly what you promise to give. Write exactly what your niche is about.

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Hard work is also a key point here; always try to update your site every day. Fresh news to your readers is also an important thing. 

Benefits of blogging and having your own site.

  • Self-employment – you don’t need to have papers to start blogging, no boss to boss you around.
  • Rewarding – after the hard work your site will start streaming in revenue.
  • Boosting your business – you can use your site to boost online presence of your business.
  • Fame – have you ever heard those famous writers? Well you site can make you a famous person.
  • Experience – writing on your own site can give you the experience to write for other people and get paid.

So how does make all this revenue per month?

I make this revenue simply by selling my unused inventory. I put ads on unused spaces on my website; above site logo, below single post, on footer and between posts on sidebar.

After my visitors click on these ads, I get paid.

How much traffic do you need to earn a six figure salary?

As I said earlier, you can have a niche based site and you will still have a lot of revenue. But to get a six figure salary you will need traffic; let’s say 20k page views per day.

I also use affiliate programs to maximize my revenues.

How much money do you need to start a website?

In Kenya you will need less than kes 2,000 for domain registration and hosting per year for newbies but these prices vary with other countries. It also varies with different hosting companies and your preferred package in Kenya. Check different hosting companies in Kenya and their different packages prices. 

Use Google domains to create your .com website at only $12 per year, that is domain registration and free hosting.

You can also register a domain in Kenya at only kes 570 and free hosting per year. Create your website on HOSTPINNACLE

There is also a company I recently came across that requires you to pay a whopping $55 (kes 5,500) for the first month and $33 (kes 3,300) for the following months onwards for domain registration and and hosting. To me that is a big NO! To any newbie blogger, you will be running on total losses.

That means you will be hosting your website for kes 44,000 in a year, whereas TrueHost charges approx. kes 7,000 on Platinum package and Kenya Web Experts charges approx. kes 14,400 for their highest package per year. For your information, these two packages can be used by big companies not a starting blogger.

A newbie for instance can try this package from TrueHost that costs only kes 570 per year or the Bronze package that costs kes 1,999 that includes domain registration and hosting. Get this customized offer on HostPinnacle now.

What do you need to become a blogger?

You only need reliable internet, a laptop or a phone and a website and you will be earning a six figure salary.

Do you need to comply with tax laws when a blogger?

When you are a blogger, the salary you see is what you get. For instance, when you are a publisher and using AdSense, Google caters for all your taxes and the tax part. So you receive your salary as you see it in your dashboard.

That said, I will be happy to answer any questions from my readers who would like to be bloggers and from bloggers who would like to know more of my blogging secrets and tricks. Feel free to leave a question in the comment box below. An email on 

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