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How To Install WordPress On A Website

When you become an online content writer, not just a beginner but also an expert writer, you will need a platform that helps you work swiftly whether you are writing from backend or the visitors’ view. In this case the visitor’s user interface is easy to navigate. A platform  that guarantee you security and everything crucial you will need as a blogger.

There are other blogging platforms like Joomla, Blogger and others. But why choose WordPress?

First lets see what is WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management Software that securely gives you a platform to write your content and share it with your audience.

Advantages of choosing WordPress as your trusted Content Management Software than any other CMS out there:

  • Working with WordPress gives you the best security features of your website.
  • WordPress is the easiest blogging platform that require no experience to use.
  • You are guaranteed the free use and installation of plugins. Plugins help you with different tasks that may require you to do some coding but you do not know how to code.  Like for example inserting HTML or Javascripts codes in your themes, showing ads – ad inserted, showing your sites stats  – Jetpack, boosting your online presence – Yoast SEO and social media content sharing – Sassy sharing buttons.
  • Using WordPress is totally FREE. But you can upgrade to for more features and more security.
  • This content management software comes with a lot of free Themes you can download, it also gives you the options to add your themes from external sources. And there are a lot of designers and programmers who built themes for WordPress like Mythemeshop.
  • Most international websites like New Tork Times, BBC and local sites like, SDE, Mpasho use WordPress as there CMS.
  • You will have an easy customized dashboard for all your workings.
  • With WordPress you can create any kind of a website of your choice, like a travel blog, recipe site, an entertainment website, forum websites or an e-commerce online shop.
  • You can publish on the go; WordPress has mobile apps that helps you publish your posts using a tablet or  a mobile phone.
  • You can tweak WordPress to the best

Disadvantages of using WordPress as your Content Management Software:

  • WordPress does not permit uploading .SVG images. So you do not upload vector images.
  • It is not that easy for beginner, but with time you will be used to it.

Downloading WordPress to your website

First before  downloading WordPress to your site, you will need a hosted domain. If you do not have a hosted domain then you can check out Bluehost, Hostpinnacle or hostigator, And if you have one then lets continue;

  1. You will need to log into your CPANEL account, a cpanel account is given to a you by the hosting company you are hosting your website with. Also a cpanel account will give you maximum control of your website. This is the dashboard where you can add subdomains, ssl certificates, create your data base with MySQL, view your website’s stats, creating email accounts, editing your DNS.
  2. In the cpanel dashboard scroll down to Softaculous applications. It is always down almost at the bottom of the page.
  3. Under Softaculous, click on the application WordPress.

Setting up your WordPress

  • Before you have install WordPress to your site, you will be required to set it up. You will fill the name you wish your site should have and a tagline.
  • You will be required also to set a password and a username you will be using to log into your WordPress account.
  • Also you can set an email address from cpanel, you will fill this while installing WordPress.
  • After you have filled everything that is required of you click the button install.
  • You will be provided with a username and a url you will be using to log into your account. The url should look like this
  • Click the url and start publishing.

Your  WordPress installation is complete.

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