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How To Increase Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress Using cPanel

Having a WordPress website is the best thing to consider especially if you want a platform where you are guaranteed maximum security from attacks. It is also another content management software that allows you install both WordPress themes and plugins.

WordPress works day in day out to make their platform to be easy to use from beginners to professionals. With the help of WordPress plugins you can expand your website to everything you would like it to be.

For example it is so easy to enter URL links to a post without any coding skills or using HTML section.

Keeping that in mind, there are also some difficulty in the use of WordPress and today we will be talking about increasing the size of a file you need to upload to WordPress for your post or anything. A file can be an image, a video, a song, or maybe downloadable pdf files.

By default WordPress gives you a maximum file size upload of up to 2mbs. But with this tutorial, you will learn how to increase this upload limit so that you can upload images more that 2mbs.

The main reason I would recommend you uploading larger files is when uploading files like themes but not images or videos.

If you are using cPanel, this tutorial will be smoother for you. First log in into your cPanel account then scroll to MultiPHP INI Editor.

After clicking this option you will be directed to a configuration page (Configure PHP INI basic settings) where you will be required to select the section or a domain you will want to apply the changes to. As shown in the image below.

You should also keep in mind that the MultiPHP INI Editor will make changes to your .htaccess, .user.ini and your WordPress php.ini files.

After choosing the domain click the APPLY button at the bottom of the page to confirm your selection.

As I said earlier, your default file upload size is 2mbs and here it is written as 2M. So scroll to almost the bottom of the page as shown in the image below.

Change the maximum size of an uploaded file from 2M to any size you want to. I would recommend you set your maximum upload size to be 64M. You should also keep in mind that uploading files with larger to your server will slower your website down.

Always install cache plugins and compress your files to make sure your site performs at peak speed.

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