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How To Create A Subdomain Using A Custom Domain

Creating a subdomain using your own domain is the most interesting thing you can do to yourself instead of hosting two different sites. By doing this, you can save on costs for hosting and new domain registration.

The goodness of a having a subdomain is that you can have two different sites using a single domain. You can really do a lot using a subdomain. For example you ca create a news website using your main domain; and also create an eCommerce website using a subdomain of your original domain;

Actually with domains, you really don’t need to own the domain in many instances.

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You can create subdomains using some of sites which allow other people to create custom domains with them at zero budgets. Content management software like WordPress allow you create subdomains with them but the only problem is that your subdomain will have an extension of their domain.

Example if you choose to use WordPress to create your domain, your domain will be . The problem with such subdomains is that you will not have full control of your site or own a cPanel. Any little mistake can lead your site being suspended or permanently deleted. You will also not be eligible to create custom email addresses like In short you are only given the basics.

I will recommend that you at least buy a simple domain for yourself before thinking of creating your own subdomain. HostPinnacle have cheap hosting plans starting from Kes 1,500 ($15) per year upwards depending on your needs. Check out HostPinnacle hosting offer packages.

Some of the sites that allow you to create free subdomains with them include;

These are just but a few, there are many more sites out there where you can utilize their resources.

Lets now see how we can build our own subdomains using our own customs domains. Custom domains are websites or domains you own,you purchased and you are paying its hosting.

First, log into your cPanel account and scroll down on the homepage or your dashboard till you see the option DOMAINS. Check for the option subdomains. Click on the option to start the process of building your subdomain as shown in the imagine below.

subdomain section in cpanel

After clicking on the subdomains option, you will be directed to a page as shown in the image below.

While here, you will be required to choose a name for your new subdomain on the empty subdomains section. The current main domain of your site will be automatically by cPanel.

Click the blue button Create to create your subdomain. Kindly leave black the empty Document Root space. This is for beginners but for experienced writers who have worked with WordPress for long can handles this.

create a domain image


After creating your subdomain, we are not there yet. We are not done. You will need to install WordPress to your subdomain. In my previous post on How To Install WordPress On A Website I was teaching my readers like you how to easily install WordPress on a domain. The same process is used to install WordPress on a subdomain.

In this instance while still on your cPanel dashboard, scroll down to a point Softaculous apps. Softaculous apps contains major one click softwares like WordPress that you can really download easily.

While on Softaculous, click WordPress Manager by Softaculous to start installing WordPress n your subdomain.

how install wordpress on cpanel

You will be directed to a page as shown in the image below. Click Install Now to start your installation process.

install wordpress button

WordPress comes in different versions, and the new version with security and much features are released every time. Choose the latest version of WordPress under Software Setup. Still under software setup, in Choose Installation URL choose the domain we created and not the main domain. Because we are installing WordPress on our subdomain not the main domain.

If you have an SSL certificate kindly choose your domain to contain https protocol and not http alone, so that your site will be secure to your readers in general.

Your installation will begin after you have filled all the necessary fields and save changes or click install.

how to choose your subdomain

Now we have created our subdomain and also installed WordPress on the subdomain.

You will be given a unique WordPress login url; Login to your WordPress dashboard and start customizing your site according to your taste and desire.

Install plugins that will help you design your site more, plugins actually expand the functionality of WordPress. See Must Install WordPress Plugins For Beginners

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