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How To Add Facebook Page Plugin To Your Website

In today’s post am going to take you through a simple way on how to embed your Facebook page with your website, whether on Blogger or WordPress. Websites whether small, medium or large use this page plugin.

What is a Facebook Page Plugin? And how does it work? To many bloggers especially where I come from may not know this, because when I started blogging I barely knew nothing about all this things, as time went by I started becoming familiar with some blogging terms.

Facebook Page Plugin allows you to embed a simple feed of content from a page into your website, the plugin lets you promote any Facebook page on your website giving your site’s visitors the opportunity to easily like and share the page without leaving your site.

The new and improved Facebook page plugin now displays Facebook cover photo and you have the option to show the faces of friends who have already liked the page, also now it can show the recent post you posted earlier in your Facebook page. It has two buttons; one for users to LIKE your page and the other to share it.

First go to you will probably arrive to the webpage, and you will see different social plugins as:

  • Save Button
  • Like, Share ,Send & Quote
  • Embedded Posts & Video Player
  • Page Plugin
  • Comments
  • Follow Button

Choose the Page Plugin option to configure your page plugin.


Then manually add the URL of your page, if you are signed to Facebook on your computer it will automatically add the URL. If you are wondering where to get the URL of your page, just sign in to your site the click on your page, then copy the address on your browser’s search box, or right click on the page then choose copy link location to find the URL.

After you have put the URL, a sample of your page will appear plus options to choose from for configuration, you can choose the whether to hide cover photo or keep it, show friend’s faces, adapt to plugin container width by checking the boxes or use smaller header.

After you have put the URL click a blue button written “Get Code”, Facebook will now show you two JavaScript SDK codes. Copy the first code and paste it on your theme right under the tag <body>.

Next, copy the second snippets and paste it anywhere you want to display page box. The most simpler way is to create a widget paste the second code into it, then use the drag and drop method to put the widget the idle place you like.

Putting the widget exactly under “Page Body” on Blogger so as your readers can easily see the Facebook page after reading a post from your site, this will appear under every page of your site. And on WordPress place the widget under the widget “Single After Content” which will display the page on a single post after content.

It is that simple, hope you will add the plugin on your own, and if you will have any difficulties implementing it kindly let me see that on the comment box or contact me via

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