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Easy Step-by-step Blogging Tutorial For Beginners

Have you been thinking for a part time hassle that you can do alongside your current job to boost your earnings?  Then blogging is the way for you. Blogging is a hassle that could give you the time you always love, being with family, writing at your own time as long as you write engaging content that will make your readers to come and read more.

Blogging requires a lot of sacrifice and a lot of time to make any earnings.  As long as you are in the right direction of blogging a brighter blogging future is always there for everybody. I started blogging a while back still in college, this is a passion that has always been driven inside me. Though I haven’t earned a lot but there are some notable blogs on the internet that truly earn six to eight figures per annum from blogging. Check out; and

And who is a blogger? A blogger is an online writer who focuses on specific topics either with an intention make monetary benefits or not.

What are the types of bloggers we have so far?

There are the three kinds of bloggers in the blogging industry:

  • Part time bloggers – these are writers who write at their own time and for pleasure, not specifically for a certain time. They also don’t have the big ideas of monetizing their blogs. We will be learning of monetization as we continue with this post below. An example of a part time is
  • Hobbyist bloggers – these are bloggers who blog about their personal lives, traveling experiences, chef with their secrets recipes or fashionistas. They likely monetize their blogs and they earn some money for their online works.
  • Full-time bloggers – in these category these bloggers take blogging as their full-time salaries hassle. Full-time bloggers make an income of between 6 to 8 figuRes a month or annually. They may include big media house companies like BBC, CNN, and locally Standardmedia, Mpasho and maybe

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Setting up your website

  • Choosing a domain name

Before starting a website or a blog you will need to chose a domain name. A domain name is basically a name you will want your website to be recognized with. A name that will represent you as a business. For example Forbes is a renowned website but also a business on its own. When you mention Forbes, this website is always associated with ranking richest people in the world and everyone has confidence in it.

While choosing a domain name you should consider an easily memorable name like Facebook, Twitter or Vosena. Also create a customized free copyright logo that will represent your website. The logo should be simple and easily understood so that when one sees it on a t-shirt or a business card, it is easily recognizable.

Before I forget, the extension of your domain also matters a lot. Not just for simplicity but also for ranking in Google. Domains ending with a .com extension always rank higher in Google search than .xyz and others according to some reports.

  • Choosing a hosting partner

What is hosting? Hosting is getting a space for your website on the world wide web.

When choosing a hosting company you will need get a reliable company that provides higher website loading speeds, enough storage, unlimited bandwidth, excellent customer care incase you have trouble setting something in your DNS or anywhere at the backend, in short a package that would fit you as a beginner. Direct companies offer packages at different prices.

These are some of the companies you should consider while choosing a hosting partner you should partner with. 

  • Google Domains – Google domains offer free hosting after you purchase a domain name with them. They register most domains extensions but if you want a domain extension they don’t register that.
  • Bluehost – this company hosts most big websites on the internet and offers hosting packages from $3 to $17 per month depending with the package you prefer. Blueshost also don’t register domain names.
  • TRuehost – this is an international web hosting company and they register most of domain extensions including a extension. Hosting package prices range from Kes 2000 foR beginners and highest being Kes 14,000 for corporate.
  • Godady – is a UK based web hosting company which offers low cost hosting from .99 Euros to the highest package you will love.
  • Kenya Web Experts – is a Kenyan hosting company that offers variety of hosting packages from Kes 3600 to higher packages that suites your needs.
  • Hostpinnacle – offers free domains and offers low hosting from Kes 1500.
  • WordPress
  • Simple site
  • Host Poa
  • EAC directories
  • Hostgator
  • Publishing your website

After you have registered your domain and gotten a hosting partner of your choice. You now need to choose a content management software that will help you publish your posts to the internet without much struggle. I will recommend you choose your CMS to be Wordress. Because it is easier to use for both beginners and experts. You will all be offered with lots of free themes, plugins and free security.

Blogger is also another simple to use blogging platform offered for free by Google. After you purchase your domain from Google, you will need to connect it with blogger and the rest follows.

  • Monetizing your blog

Monetizing a blog simply means selling inventory of your website to advertising companies so that they can put ads on your site and return you share some revenue. In some instances some companies may take 32% revenue and give you 68%.

Sounds good after the handwork, you can now monetize your site and make some money from it. 

You will need to create unique and engaging content so some of the advertising companies so that they can approve your site to partner with them.

Some of the best monetizing companies include:

  • AdSense – this is the best of all times
  • MGID
  • Propellerads
  • Media Net
  • Taboola
  • Adskeeper

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestion or addition email us on or leave a comment below

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