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8 Proven Steps Of Turning Your Free Internet Time To Full Time Earning Job

Blogging can be a very good investment, provided you invest accordingly and appropriately. As many business owners put chunks of money in their respective business so do blogging. Before you start making money through blogging, you need to invest your time and money.

Making money online is not just about blogging or writing, YouTube is also another source that is making a lot of people rich and a full time money streaming machine. YouTube makes you money while you are sleeping.

Apart from YouTube and blogging, there are other several ways you can make an income from the internet. Did you know you can also make lots of money from giant social media company Facebook and Instagram through endorsements?

From the above, blog for the best time you have, below are 8 ways on how to use your time to give you a steady income.


Simple Online Tasks

You can earn a lot of good money online by simply doing simple task like watching videos,clicking on ads and playing games online.

Some of the best sites to do this simple online tasks include;

  • – ysense formally known as Clixense is a platform where you can watch videos, compete in online games, paid surveys,cash offerings, referrals and do other simple tasks and earn money. With Ysense, you can also click on adverts and still generate an income. Though the money you earn is not that much, but it is better than non.
  • Yandex – Yandex is a search engine website that has recently introduced what I can term as an easy way to help people benefit from their services especially fro surveys to improve their products. Yandex gives you the opportunity to compare pics, complete simple surveys and do internet tasks for them for some bucks.


Another great step of creating a stream of income from the internet is through participating in online surveys. Companies are out there looking for individuals who can answer some simple questions so that they can launch their new products into the market.

Some of the best survey sites include;


Endorsements is where a company or an advertiser chooses a celebrity or someone who has a huge social media following to promote the advertiser’s products.

You can also create a social media following by either posting creative content or videos till someone trusts you with their products.

A nice place for endorsement where advertisers bid lots of money to content creators with a large fan base is IZEA.

If you have a large Facebook group, page or Instagram, try and sign up for IZEA and make money.

Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves driving your visitors to online shops and they make purchases. After a visitor makes a successful purchase, you get a small commission depending on the product they bought. Isn’t that easy?

There are a lot of companies out there who are ready to make you an affiliate their partner. For example Jumia is the largest online market in Africa, having operations in more than 5 African countries; Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya etc. They run an affiliate program where they give their affiliate partners commissions starting from 11% upwards on a complete purchase.

Sign up for 
Jumia affiliate program and start making money, it is absolutely free to sign up for the program.

Another good affiliate program company is Amazon, they have high commissions. Sign up for amazon affiliate program.

Mythemeshop closes my top three best affiliate companies you can partner with, this WordPress themes selling company pays you a  commission of 35 – 47 dollars when a buyer buys a theme from your site or your affiliate link.

This makes 70% commission from them, isn’t this a mouth watering deal? They give you a link which you only need to promote. You don’t need a site, you can promote that on your social media handles. Sign up for Mythemeshop.

Another best affiliate marketing partner is Bluehost. It offers $65 for every successful signup from your unique tracking ID. Sign up here for Bluehost

Here are some other affiliate companies you should try partnering with:

Affiliate marketing doesn’t really require a custom domain, you can use a subdomain as long as you receive traffic, you are good to go.

Create your free blog on blogger and start earning money today. Or use WordPress to do the same work for you. Some web hosts I heard delete these subdomains for a reason or two, the best way is having your own custom domain. Find best web hosts companies in Kenya and register your custom domain.

Selling ebooks.

If you have the passion of writing and also sharing your knowledge this is the right place. You can easily share and sale your ebooks here. Your website can be a very helpful tool to market your ebooks.

You can also choose to use other sites to sell your ebooks if you don’t a domain for your site. these are the sites which can help you sell your ebook ideas:

  • Selz
  • Google Play
  • Amazon  Kindle Direct Publishing

The cons about using other sites to sell your eBooks is that they also earn from a successful sale of each book they sell. Or require a sign up fee, compared to your site you can do all this on your own, I prefer using a domain you own for maximum profits.

Monetizing your blog.

This is how full-time bloggers earn their huge monthly salaries from, monetizing your site is simply renting out your free site’s space to advertising companies, after writing your content you place ads on your site.

Use PPC/CPC ads to earn much from your site, PPC ads are ads that you’re paid after a visitor clicks on them, place this ads on more visible areas like below logo  attract visitors to click. There are companies which use impressions, you are paid for every 1000 impressions, you can be paid 0.01 to 5 dollars per every a thousand impressions depending on the country our traffic came from.

These are the best sites to use to monetize your blog;

Having sponsored posts.

This is not like monetizing your site, this is advertising for individual people or corporates, you may drive traffic to their sites, drive customers to their online or even physical shops or even advertise on events and much more.

This is a very good way of advertising because you can get sponsors who can sponsor you or even charge a large sum of amount just for a short time for promoting their content. But this requires a lot of traffic so that your client must have confidence that their products will get to many people.

Guest posting.

Guest posting is writing posts to other higher blogs. Since you at least those writing skills, you can write for them and get paid.

You can also try to be a freelancer at
Freelancer and Fiverr where you can post resumes, student proposals and other important writings you can write. Its actually free to register. Hurry up, register and start earning money online.

YouTube videos.

You can also earn a lot of money from creating unique videos and posting to YouTube.

While creating YouTube videos, make sure you catch the viewers attention and also keep them engaged. Create a fan base of subscribers. Subscribers are your way of earning, example of YouTube stars who earn millions of dollars have a solid subscriber list.

After posting there you can promote the videos on your site under single post so as when a reader finishes reading your post he can easily see your video. To add videos on your site use WordPress ready-made easy drag and drop widgets or YouTube links.

Selling old staff.

You got that new iphone X and dumped your iphone 8!? One of your users might be more interested in the iphone 8 you almost disposing.

Just take photos of the old stuff and post them on your site, am pretty sure one out of 20,000 maybe interested in your staffs. If you don’t have a site use OLX to sell your old stuff to people online.

You can also allow visitors to post their old stuff on your site and charge them a small advertising fee.

Promoting your own business.

Do you have a business and want to have more sales?? Then your site is the best platform to advertise. Convert your readers into potential buying customers.

This may not only increase revenue from your third-party partners but also improve sales.

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