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Black Africans Banned From Guangzhou Hotels In China


It seems authorities in China’s third richest city have introduced a ban blocking all Africans from checking into the city’s low and middle-range hotels. Guangzhou has seen a growing migrant population in recent years and some locals claim African communities commit more crimes than other groups.

We hear from Juliet Hatanga, a senior magistrate from Uganda, who recorded the moment she was turned away from a hotel. The BBC’s Danny Vincent visited Guangzhou and saw several hotels which were still rejecting people with African passports. Some hotel staff told him there was an order from the police demanding that hotels were not to take African bookings.

What does all this mean for the burgeoning trade relationship between China and Africa? African oil and minerals are key supplies in China’s domestic industrial development. Are these latest controversial measures in Guangzhou a symptom of problems in the partnership?



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