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Apart From Wema This Is The Other Woman Who Made Diamond Platnumz Shed Tears Like A Child

If there is the best mother and son relationship I ever came across on planet it is between singer Diamond Platnumz (Abdul Naseeb Juma) and his mother Sandrah. Well, everyone is always loved and love respective mum but this one is an exceptional since the singer’s love to the mother is more than one can imagine.

Diamond was brought up by a single mum since their father abandoned the family for another family, she struggled with him plus the singer’s step sister and their younger brother. The singer at one point stole her mother’s golden ring to record one of his songs that truly changed their lives and made him a star from there.

Since it is his mother’s happy birthday today, the Kwangwaru hit maker took to his Instagram account to wish Sandrah his mother a happy birthday and truly the message symbolized the love the singer has to the mother. In the post Platnumz confirms that if anything happens to him now, maybe sickness or death, half of his wealth should be given to his mother since she is his priority, meaning prince Nillan and princess Tiffany Dangote will have to share the remaining half of the wealth.

In the video below, Diamond Platnumz confirms that the woman who really made him shed tears is his mother since she was and is really there for him. The moment the singer shed tears is when he was building Madale house and his mother would wake up early every morning just to go supervise the building process when her son was not around.

This was the second time the singer could not control his tears as the first time he had shed tears when his former love flame Wema Sepetu moved out of the relationship due to unknown reasons.


Read the happy birthday message Diamond Platnumz sent to his mother;

Nasikitikaga sana Wanapojaribu Kulinganisha Thamani yako kwangu na Mtu yoyote…Na kusahau kuwa pasipo wewe kunizaa na Kunilea kwa shida na tabu leo hii hakuna yoyote ambae angeniona wamaana….. Ikiwa wewe ndio Ulonifanya mie nikawa Duniani Basi you will always be My First priority then the rest will follow…Dharau na Manyanyaso Ulopitia kwenye kunilea Hakuna anejua, Tabu na shida Ulizopitia kufanya hadi leo walau nionekane mtu mbele za watu.. eti mtu kirahisi tu anatokea na kukuringanisha na mtu…

Emotional Diamond continued;

Mama MADALE is your House!!! na ikitokea kesho nimekufa pia NUSU ya Mali zangu zote ni zako…!!! Mwanao Napambana Usiku na Mchana Kwanza kwajili yako, Walau Ujifariji kwa Magumu Ulopitia kwa kunilea kwangu, i want you to Enjoy the life as Much as You can, Maana sina cha kukulipa zaidi ya Hicho🙏🏻…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA I LOVE YOU SANA💖🎂💖 @mama_dangote

Watch the video below


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