Boosting Milk Production In Your Dairy Farm

Dairy farming is the keeping of dairy cattle for the purpose of milk production. Many farmers wonder which are the right procedures to feed cattle for maximum milk production. Most feed animals on wrong diet hence low or poor yields.

Daily cows unlike bulls require more attention to give you best. They should be fed on a balanced ratio on all feeds from minerals, energy feeds, fiber feeds, proteins and correct amounts of water on a daily basis.

When treated the right ways each day, daily cows will produce more milk and other processed milk products which may include: cheese, butter, yoghurt, ice cream and cheddar.

Below are some of the best practices you should try to conveniently boost milk production here in Kenya and worldwide.


This is the paramount thing from health issues and milk production. You should consider feeding your animals the proper feeds and balanced ones. Do not over feed your animals only on common grass, Napier and hay, you can also feed them with trees like; sesbania, acacia, calliandra, and leucaena which are a large source of other nutrients.

These are the different types of nutrition and nutrients you should regularly give your dairy cows:


Proteins help in proper function and growth by helping cells to multiply, body immunization, creating and building of muscles and tissues.

Animals need also these types of proteins to help them grow, calf in right time and properly and most importantly in increasing, milk production.

These are some of the great sources of protein;

  • Sunflower meal – extracted from sunflower this product is first a source of fats and also a protein.
  • Beans – this is found from the bean plant. You can either use the beans leaves to the animals but also use the beans itself. What you need to do is dry the beans, when they are dry mill it using a milling machine. Then use other feeds with the milled beans for more potential results.
  • Cowpeas – in humans cowpeas acts foods which contains lot of fibre and help in digestion but can also be used by animals as a great source of proteins.
  • Green peas / grams – green grams can be used as pasture and also as a source of proteins.
  • Ground nuts – groundnuts can be given to animals milled or not milled they have fats and also a lot proteins.
  • Fish meal – includes the remains of small fish (omena). This can found when you mill this small fish after drying them, and they are a good source of protein for several other animals in the farm. From chicken, pigs, dogs and cats can get protein from here.

Well milled the quantity might reduce, the best thing to do is mix the small fish milled flour with other feeds like maize bran in a most balanced feed ratio.


These are minerals adding the strength in their bones and other important nutrients in milk and much more. These listed types of minerals are majorly found in Kenya.

Maclik super is a product from Cooper’s limited company, this company offers great minerals that can help your animals. Maclik super contains calcium and phosphorous and are correctly mixed in the ration of one point eight five of calcium to one of phosphorous.

Calcium is mainly used to strengthen bones and majorly found in milk.

Maclik extra phosphorous contains manganese, copper and cobalt and normally used to give dairy animals more of vitamins E.

Maclik Plus helps in controlling heat in lactating cows, it contains calcium at a ratio of three point six one and phosphorous at ratio one.

CKL X-tra brick sodium chloride is just common salt. Just place it where the cow can easily access it and you are good to go. This will make the animal eat more feeds and take a lot of water and will help you increase milk production.

Fiber and energy

Fiber and energy are foods which give the animals the energy to move from one place to the other is such of food, water and other activities.

Wheat bran – this is a byproduct of wheat. Bran is the hardest outer layer of a wheat grain. Wheat bran can be produced by milling the bran from wheat for animal consumption.

Meals from soya beans products – this also contains a lot of consumable and digestable energy.

Molasses – made from sugarcane, molasses is a large source of energy for animals. Molasses can be mixed with other types of feeds as hay grass, maize cobs, and even normal dry grass. Molasses has more than 100 calories per cup of tea meaning it can be more than that in a five litre.

A part from calories, molasses sweetens the feeds hence there is a high consumption of food intake from the animals hence more milk production.

Maize bran
Hay grass – is dried grass that is consumable by horses, cattle, donkeys and other farm animals.
Hay has more nutrients that can easily be digested and also contains proteins.

Water should always be there. Easily accessible clean water. Water should run into their drinking tabs always and have an outlet to drain the dirty water that remains after they drink.

Make sure the animals doesn’t step in the same water because other animals will not drink water that is contaminated with cow dung.

Add some common salt or sodium chloride to give the animals some taste to consume much of the water.

Managing the cows

Checking your animals is also a mandatory. You can’t expect much milk from an ill cow.

Use a stirrup cup to test and check mastitis. Mastitis can be clearly indicated when you see blood stains in the milk of a cow.

Always trim over grown hooves to avoid foot rot in your dairy cattle.

Also don’t forget to spray them on a weekly basis to avoid animal skin infection.

Dehorn your animals to avoid accidents.

The dairy cows’ shed should always be dry. Sweep and wash their dung exactly they leave the shed in the morning.

The shed should be large enough for the dairy cow to fit well inside, part of the body of the cow should not remain outside to rained on.

Places to find animal feeds

  • Afrivet farm suppliers is an animal feed company in Naivasha.
  • Royal animal feeds is located in Nakuru near Afraha stadium.
  • Pioneer feeds found opposite Kenya airways headquarters in Nairobi .
  • Extra yield dairy meal is produced Pioneer and is a good formulae for feeding dairy animals for better milk production.
  • Kitale animal feeds is situated near Kenya seed company in Kitale.
  • AfriFeeds – East Africa located in Nairobi

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