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Akiwa Na Hizi Qualities Marry Her My Brother


Ladies in this century are people men can never trust, they want to live a life they can’t, a total fake life fancy clothes, riding high end vehicles and mostly possessed with money than nothing else in this world. Some of which can do anything to get that mula.

Some are financed by rich politicians little do they know they are digging a grave of their own.

But they are a few, who will love you they you are, despite your low standards and low living she will lower her standards to meet yours.

My brother if you meet one with these qualities below, never let her go:

  1. If your girlfriend comes to your house and joins you in drinking boiled water.
  2. When you take her out to a restaurant and she orders cheap food and pure water instead of expensive meals, it means she is understanding and can help you save and invest in your future.
  3. If she sees someone with a Bugatti but decides to follow you with no car, my friend take her home ASAP.
  4. If she comes to your cooks for you and washes you clothes including you boxer, my friend unangoja nini?
  5. You gave her 50k for shopping but she went a simple dress and brought back 40k for you, marry her because she reads economics.
  6. If she calls you everyday and asks if you need help brother claim her hand in marriage!!
  7. If she used to give you her pocket money every week, she loves. Please oa hio.
  8. If you both enter a bus and she pays man that is a good sign go for her.
  9. Whenever she is eating with you and she eating only the bones while you eat meat, she respects you just marry her.

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