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7 tricks to make your true love come back after a break up


1. Don’t convince him to come back.

Don’t go to him day in day out asking him to come back, he will take things for granted. Take yourself as that important and expensive ‘gadget’, when you loose it, you have to find it.

Because you were not alone in that relationship, he probably is always thinking about you, so stay back, watch his moves, and wait until he makes that move.

Don’t allow him to take you as a cheap girl fighting alone for your affair; and always remember, when women love they love for real.

2. Think about what went wrong.

Before you can try to make things right, you need to be honest about what went wrong in the relationship.

Try to be that person he sees and smile, show him that never happened and will never happen, and change your ways, you will be on a safer side.

3. Take responsibility for your role in the break-up.

Yeeeaah! Just accept things the way they are, take that responsibility and admit you went wrong, don’t hesitate asking for forgiveness and he will see the seriousness in you.

He is not a beast or a monster, he will understand you and come back. That’s how we were created.

4. Let him come to you.
As we said earlier on, let him make that move to also see his seriousness, probably he also loves you and coming to you first will be a great move.

As soon as he asks for a second chance, don’t hesitate, give in and show him you were also ready for him.

5. Put yourself together first.

Collect all the heart broken pieces , convince yourself that he is the Mr Right for you.

Be easy to forgive and forget. Always wear a smile whatsoever, and you will live longer.

6. Give yourself some space.

If you’re constantly around your former flame,you won’t be able to step back and actually get some perspective on what went wrong.

Take time, go to an isolated place, a place for you and your soul, talk it. Try to stay away from him so that you don’t see the mistakes he is doing day by day. When you are done , give yourself a bold move and ask for a second chance.

7. Change your ways.
Once you’ve figured out what you may have done wrong in the relationship, resist the urge to call the ex and show off your new found

Give him the best attention he deserves, give him the best you can and he will always love being around you.

Anyway after giving all this it will be like building an empire, we will never let it go again, he will always think you are the best.

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