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6 Kenyan Actors Who Look Nothing Like The Character They Portray

Most actors are celebrities and live celebrity lives but sometimes do things other celebs can’t do. A good example is an actor can shave her all precious hair just to fit into a role. I dare you a singer can’t do that for a video shoot. Let’s check out 6 Kenyan Actors Who Look Nothing Like The Character They Portray.

These actors in most instances are funnier than we think and always keep us glued to those screens like never before.

Here are the 6 Kenyan actors who look nothing like the character they portray in real life situation.

1.  Jacqueline Nyaminde (Wilbroda)


Wilbroda is a female Kenyan actress who acts in Citizen’s Tv  popular television show Papa Shirandula. She acts a role of a wife to fellow actor Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula).

She is a single mother of one son and the funniest character in the tv program.

Jacqueline Nyaminde when not acting, she and actor Mwala of Inspekta Mwala are radio presenters at radio Citizen a sister station to Citizen tv.

2.  Wanjiku Mburu (Everlyn/mama Baha)


Wanjiku Mburu acts as a mother to two naughty boys Baha and Govi in the television Machahari. Mama Baha is always the polite character in this program.

She always give all her children in the program advice and a good problem solver but I  bet you 100%, you will never believe the real life character of Wanjiku.

She likes adventuring and mostly taking photos. Mama Baha has skills in karate and I dare you chokoza her, you will face the music.

3.  Nyce Njeri (Shiru)


Shiru is the main actress in the shot television film Auntie Boss. Her Kikuyu accent makes the program more interesting plus her dramas.

Njeri is a proud mother of one but we are still expecting more from her. Congratulations Shiru, all of us at vosena.co.ke wish you all the best in your acting career.

4.  Steven Oduor Dede (Dj Shiti)


If you have never seen this funny talented actor on KTN, then you ‘garrrah gerrariah bruh’.

He is a funny character and act in KTN’s television progam The Real Househelps of Kawangware.

‘Mwana wa Nyabola‘ has  always amazed his fans by his unique voice he has while acting. This nigga is the all time broke artist who wants to record his song ‘mimi ni firimbi na wewe ndio refa’ and be a hit.

When not in acting, Dj Shiti doubles up as a comedian on Churchill show and recently he is hosting a morning show on Hot96 together with Jeff Koinange.

Jacky Vike



“Aki ango … andi,” these are some of the phrases Awinja uses while acting. She acts as a house help to Papa Shirandula and his ‘wife’ Wilbroda. On Wednesdays you will find Jacky Vike in a year to year pink dress, an oversized kamisi and a kitamba on her head.

Awinja is a mother of one. She loves taking photographs while not acting. Awinja is a household name in the popular television show Papa Shirandula.

6.  Winnie Rubi (Awiti)


Awiti plays that arrogant, violent and rude character in the TV program The Real Househelps of Kawangware. The curvaceous actress has dated most of her colleague actors in the program.

By the way Awiti is famous for getting pregnant in every new episode. I guess by now she has almost seven to fifteen children.

Were it not Njugush’s ex-military experience, Awiti could have killed him long time ago.

Well Winnie Rubi is a married woman with one beautiful daughter. To all team hyenas out there am sorry, the curvaceous, bootylicious actress is already taken.

She likes partying and making time with friends and fellow actors.


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