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5 Questions To Make You Understand Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Was Caught In The Act And Not A Set-up


In the past few weeks, Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri rose to fame like no man’s business.

The whole story started when the deputy governor to Ann Waiguru was red-handedly caught quenching his thirsty throat from another man’s cold water pot. He was beaten and filmed naked leaving no point of excuses to the poor deputy governor.

But Peter Ndambiri has come up with petty excuses that make no sense at all. He claims that goons blackmailed him and forced him to pay 5 million for a shot of which he refused.

To me this is a lie and I don’t need a lie detector or an FBI agent to tell me this is a lie. Man can you clear this mess with the truth.

Here are 7 questions that will make you think otherwise about the Mr. Ndambiri’s ‘set-up’

1. Where were his security details?

I guess you understand that prominent people like Peter don’t go places without security guards. He also had a driver, sure were they all tricked into this trick?

Peter lied that he went to look for a house which he intended to buy, was Liz Njuguna the house? Because there is no way he could have been tricked in the eyes of the house seller.

2.  Why was he refusing not a deputy governor?

If you have watched the clip, the deputy governor is forced to state his names and the type of work he does. Ndambiri refuses to state his first name, he even declined he is not a deputy governor and only states his second name and a businessman.

After a rain of slaps the lad now states his first name and owns up for being a deputy governor. Why was he hiding that? The “goons” wanted money and Ndambiri was a businessman why was he denying his role as a deputy governor?

3.  Why was Ndambiri going to pay dowry to Liz Njuguna’s family?

The deputy governor admits that he had no knowledge that Liz was someone’s wife but he was planning to go and meet Liz’s family to make arrangements of paying her dowry, really?

Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri And Liz Njuguna

First mistake you blackmailed your own wife because you wanted to marry a second wife.

You pay dowry to someone you personally know. Meaning Liz Njuguna and Peter Ndambiri had known each other for sometime.

4. Is deputy governor Peter Ndambiri a cow?

Until someone comes up and convinces me that Ndambiri is not some sort of a cow then I will believe that was truly a set up.

I mean, a cow is the only thing you can tie a rope on it’s neck then pull or cane it to go where you want it to go.

Who roped Ndambiri and pulled him to the bedroom, forced him to undress and most interestingly forced him to put his mjulubeng into action?

When mjulubeng is scared he never ‘salutes.’ Meaning the deputy governor had psychologically prepared for the action.

5. Why had he secretly paid a whooping 1.3 million to the ‘goons’?

The deputy governor said he couldn’t afford a 5 million shot and that’s the reason why the video was released online.

FYI (for your information) Ndambiri and his family had raised 1.3 million in cash and had already paid his “opposition government”. The reason why the video was released online is that the deputy governor was unable to raise the remaining 3.7 million balance on time. But they were in the process of doing so.

In a simple lay man’s language Mr. Peter Ndambiri come clear this airwaves with the truth and stop beating around the bush when you exactly know what happened. The truth will set you free.


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