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4 Reasons You Will Never Catch Your Wife Cheating


Hello guys this is another article to give you 4 concrete proves that you will never catch your cheating girlfriend or wife unless you work with some intelligence forces as the CIA or the FBI.

You know, most women tend to love one man, they are always committed with all their emotions, love and feelings. When it reaches a point a woman decides to have someone else out of the affair it means that there is something wrong in the affair; it’s either you don’t satisfy her in between the sheets game or you lack money. As you know there is nothing that confuses a woman between a man who is good at sex but poor and a rich man who useless in bed.

The main reason why married women cheat is SEX!!! Keep this in mind brothers, women love sex more than men do.

When this ladies get enough of you they try to cheat but they are aware of the dire consequences. So they will always do their best to avoid being caught.

Reasons why you will never catch them:

Ladies erase all their trails.

I am sure you understand this whole point. Women will always do the best they can to erase their footsteps and deny you any possible chance to lay your hands on any tangible evidence.

As I told you earlier, ladies are so smart, they will delete all call logs, messages, whatsapp pictures and signal the other boyfriend to stop sending or calling when you are around.

How Ladies Alert Their Boyfriends

Unlike men who forget messages undeleted, lipsticks on their shirts,  used and unused condoms in their pockets. And the most devastating exhibit they aways forget to get rid of the under garments of ladies in their cars.

Date someone who is far far away

Men will never care, they always insert their manhood in anything in a skirt rotating their buttocks near them. Starting from the househelp to that neighborhood new girl, they get into easily noticed affairs.

On the contrary women date a man miles away, despite the few who date their watchmen due to your absence. Many will play their game far bearing in minds that they are totally risking their marriage.

Saving ‘known’ but unkown names in their phones

Well I guess you’ve come across names like Gabu the taxy guy, Mwangi plumber, Mose fundi wa stima, Sailo supplier and Ndirango fundi wa nguo in your wife’s phone. Well check and double check this, who texts or calls more from such saved numbers?

Well it is normal for Gabu the taxy guy to call 2AM and ask, “leo nikuchukulie wapi?” (Where can I pick you today?). Though it is something to raise your eye brows but taxy guys operate at night, don’t they? What about Ndirango fundi wa nguo sexting or calling your wife at the same time?

Business trip with ‘boss or co-workers’

This is the all time whistle-blower, instead of a woman waiting their husbands to go upcountry to visit their parents so as a wife can bring their boyfriends in their matrimonial bed, they will excuse themselves in the name of a business trip.

Men don’t wait wives to go visiting their parents or close sisters, even when a wife leaves for church on a cool sunday and all neighbours’ doors are closed they will signal their girlfriends to come over for a quickie. They realise nothing until fate strikes; pastor releases them earlier than their normal routine so as to visit their church member in hospital, only to find you singing praising hymns on top of someone.

All this said, not all women are cheaters, most of them are committed than you can imagine. And to those who must cheat kindly buy a male Samantha to make a satisfaction of your sexual desires.

Diseases without names are out here and you may contract a deadly one in the name of cheating, try to keep yourself in your own lane.


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