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32 Year Old Rapes His Mother, 69, Infects Her With STI

A young man from Kandegenya village in Murang’a County is in police custody after it emerged that he has been raping his mother and threatening her with death, if she reveals the ordeal.

While confirming the incident, Murang’a County commander, Mohamed Farah said it took the intervention of relatives for the mother, who live with her only son, to get justice.

Apparently, the woman’s relatives noted her walk with a limp and insisted she reveals what had happened to her, only to confess that her son has been forcefully having his way with her.

This, reportedly, has been going on for some time. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back came in the last incident when the boy beat up his mother before engaging in the heinous and leaving her to walk with a limp.

So nasty was the incident that the young man allegedly ordered her to torch the evidence; a mattress and blanket under which the act was committed to tamper with evidence.

The son has been threatening to tear her throat should she reveal the beastly act to anyone. A thing the family believes made the mother suffer in silence.

This matter has placed police at Kahuro police station in a tricky situation, because the only evidence they would have used to get DNA samples is no more. Besides that, the matter was not reported in the stipulated 72 hours.

Police are, nonetheless, optimistic they will nail the suspect on the two charges of sodomy and incest because tests done at Thika Level Five hospital a week later confirmed that indeed she was raped and infected her with a sexually transmitted infection.




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