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[18+ ONLY] Dj Creme dela Creme’s Leaked S3xtape In Case You Haven’t Seen It


There is a saying that every done in the dark under the sun, it will come into the light for everyone to see. Well Dj Creme dela Creme can ascertain this after a video of him spanking a hot light skinned babe leaked online.

I decided to share this story though it happened a few years back so that those who have never seen the video to also view it, since it was deleted but vosena.co.ke is good at keeping records.

Well for those who don’t know who Dj Creme dela Creme is, his official name is George Njuguna and he is a renowned local Disk Jokey in Kenya. The dj literally made a mistake recording his bedroom marathon session with the lady which came haunting his life years later.

The lady in this video is called Halima Nasir, she is seen so energetic in bed because Dj Creme dela Creme is lazily laying on bed and the girl is doing all the pumping work and the rest.

Halima Nasir

Most people argued that the dj had a small mjulubeng, but that was it and it passed. He performed to his best though.

Most celebrities use this scenarios to seek public attention and become famous, Dj Creme dela Creme refuted this claim and took full responsibility for his mess and said it wasn’t intentional.

They are now both married to different people.

If you want to see full pictures of Halima Nasir the girl in the video, kindly hit Next button below, meanwhile sit back, relax and enjoy watching Dj Creme dela Creme’s light thundering bedroom marathon:

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