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10 Poorest Countries In Africa, Which Number Is Kenya?


10 poorest countries in the World, which number is Kenya? The wealthness and poorness of a country is determined by GDP.

GDP is an abbreviation for Gross Domestic Product. According to Investopedia GDP of a country provides a measure of the monetary value of the goods and services that country produces in a specific year. This is an important statistic that indicates whether an economy is growing or contracting.

And this is the list of some the poorest countries in Africa;

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  1. South Sudan – 303
  2. Burundi – 307
  3. Malawi – 351
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo – 449
  5. Madagascar – 459
  6. Mozambique – 476
  7. Niger – 477
  8. Sierra Leone – 516
  9. Togo – 670
  10. Uganda – 724

*Kenya has a GDP of 1,857 and ranks overall as number 143 in the whole world.

*Tanzania has a GDP of 1,134 and ranks overall as number 158 in the whole world.

NOTE: The list was compiled and produced by International Monetary Fund. Monetary value calculated in US dollars.


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